Filed by Jason Knetge, GBWC
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2009-27/323

October 31, 2009
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty Seven
On top of the tallest skyscraper in L.A. stood a dark foreboding figure. The crackling sound of leather was heard as he tightened his fists. "Finally. I have waited twenty five long years and now it is my time." He then raised his now glowing hands over his large, orange, bulbous head as a fang filled grin formed on his face. "This will be a Halloween long remembered."
Ghostbusters WC HQ .
A small toddler dressed in a little mermaid costume sat in front on the large HD TV in the Ghostbusters rec room. She let out a loud giggle but still kept her eyes fixed on the Dora the Explorer Halloween special. So caught up, she did not hear the foot steps padding ever closer to her. "What are you doing?" It was only during the commercial break that the girl turned and saw what was behind her. Standing there was a humanoid werewolf wearing a pair of tattered pants and shirt. Letting out a scream, the the girl got to her feet and she ran as fast as she could on her wobbling little legs. Crying, she ran behind one of the couches to hide but then ran into a pair of black stocking clad legs that had just entered the room. "Mommy!"

Chelsea Aberdeen Baugh picked up and comforted her daughter. "There there Sweetie, it's OK. It's just a costume, it's not real." She then looked over at the werewolf . "Kyle, take of your mask so she can see."

Kyle Stevens removed his scruffy werewolf mask revealing his naturally scruffy face. "See Abigail, it's just me, Kyle."

Abigail's sobs turned to small sniffles as she saw Kyle grinning at her.

"I'm sorry Chelsea, I didn't think it would scare her like that," apologized Kyle. "Oh, nice costume by the way."

"It's alright Kyle, she's still getting used to the whole thing." Chelsea grinned and adjusted the ears to her cat costume. "Thanks, I just wish my husband felt the same way."

"It's not that I don't like it, I just thought we were supposed to go as a couple," stated Fritz Baugh as he came into the room fully clad in his Dr. Who costume (specifically, the Fourth Doctor as played by Tom Baker).

"I told you Abigail liked this one. I don't think she would have felt the same If I went as Romana. Any way, you had your a choice to still go as a couple." Chelsea then gave him a smug look. "You could have gone as a puppy dog or King Triton."

Fritz made a face then stuck out his tongue before kissing Chelsea. "OK, down Kitty."

Chelsea chuckled and made her hand into a paw and swiped at him playfully.

It was at this point Kyle coughed a bit, mainly to let them know that he was still in the room. "How about we go down to the others?"
Downstairs in the office, Rose Prevost was sitting at her desk arguing on the phone, a comical sight given the fairy costume she had on . "No, I keep telling you we don't have anyone here by that name. Yes there is a Jeff but his last name is Nash. No, I don't think he would want a subscription to Ninja Weekly." Rose slammed the phone down then leaned back in her seat .

Jason Knetge came walking up to her In his Marvel Deadpool costume. "What was that all about?"

"I don't know, damn solicitor kept asking for Jeff and getting his name wrong," stated Rose. "They insisted that his last name started with a C."

Jason rubbed the back of his head. "Hmmm, I wonder what that's about. Too bad Jeff is over at Nightsquad or I would ask him."

"Hey Man, what the hell," yelled the voice of Jeff Nash as he came over. He had decided to go as Link from the Legend of Zelda. "I'm right here."

The phone rang once more occupying Rose as Jeff was talking to Jason .

"Why do you always think I'm at NS?" asked Jeff.

Jason held up his hands and shrugged. "Sorry man." He then decided to change the subject. "Nice Link costume by the way, but isn't that your N saber?"

Jeff got a devilish grin on his face. " Oh yeah. There's a contest down at the party and so I thought I would blow them away with my master sword." He and Jason then looked back at Rose who was arguing on the phone again.

"Look Joey, I know it's busy," Rose rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know you haven't done this in awhile but we all voted to take today off." Rose made a face and held the phone away from her ear. "Yeah I know. You, Robert and the rest of the reserves just do the best that you can, I know some of them could use the extra work." She hung up the phone.

"Joey wasn't thrilled that we decided to pass this Halloween off on the reserves," Jeff asked while he chuckled a little.

"More that we left him out of the vote," grinned Rose.

Mike Devicente brushed some slime off of his GB uniform as he came in from the garage. "OK, I just dropped off our new guest in the ECU. Am I done for the day?"

Rose shook her head and handed him a peace of paper. Opening it up, Mike hung his head and let out a groan. "Come on, this is probably another false alarm or another party that just got out of hand. Can't one of the others get it?"

"The others are all too far away in the other towns. You're the only local one." Jason patted Mike on the shoulder as he walked out. "Well, think of it this way: the sooner you go, the sooner you can come back. And if it's a party, snag some of their food."

Mike had to walk past Mick and Otter as they came in the room. Mick was fully decked out in his Ash Williams costume from the Evil Dead series, complete with chain saw hand. Otter, on the other hand, was once again dressed as one of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings.

"All right everyone, the cars are all gassed up for us to hit the town. Hey, where is every one? Lets go!" Mick gestured enthusiastically.

"We're on our way," shouted Chelsea as she came down, still holding Abigail and followed by Fritz and Kyle.

Jason clapped his hands together. "OK, cool, now all we need is Jeremy and Rachel."

No sooner was it said than Jeremy, sporting the yellow and blue Wolverine costume, came in the room followed by Rachel in a matching Shadow Cat costume.

"Er... nice costumes you two," said Kyle giving a bit of a awkward shrug.

"Yeah I know. Once she found out what I was going as, she insisted on it." Jeremy gestured over to Rachel.

Rachel put her hands on her hips. "What? I didn't get that many Halloweens back in my day. I wanted to make up for lost time."

Fritz leaned over to Chelsea and whispered, "Next year how about going as Andromeda and Brainiac 5?"

Chelsea nodded in a agreement, "and Abigail as Atom Girl."

"What ever people, let's move it out," shouted Mick with eager enthusiasm.

Fritz's PKE meter suddenly shot to life just seconds before a wave of dark black negative energy swooped through the walls of the HQ, knocking everyone off of their feet .

Rose was the first to regain consciousness. "What happened?" Staggering to her feet, she braced herself on a large cylindrical ceramic object. "Where did this come from?" Rubbing her eyes and examining the object, she was taken back by her name plastered across it and the apparently giant lipstick marks on the top. As she kept staggering back she tripped over a large computer keyboard. "Holy crap, I'm on my desk!" The pleas of her now tiny voice went unnoticed as the others awoke.

Over in the corner of the room Jeff rubbed his forehead. "Is every one all right?" Jeff eyes then went wide as his rubbing hand found his now long, pointed ears.

"Yeah I think so," replied Jason as he sat up on the floor. "Any one get the number of what hit..."

Jason was cut off by the yells of Mick as he jumped onto the back of a werewolf. "Got you, you lupine son of a bitch!"

Jeff and Jason jumped into the fray, each grabbing one of the lupine's arms, but were soon tossed aside as it yelled out, "Get off me!"

The now hobbit looking Otter jumped out of the way and hid behind Rose's desk.

A feral scream rang out from the other end of the room. Fritz, being the closest, adjusted his glasses and saw Chelsea's shocked expression at her fur covered body and long, prehensile tail. "Fritz, what the hell is going on?" She then gasped seeing Abigail on the floor. A confused look on her little face as to the fish tail that replaced her legs.

Fritz stood up to do something, but was surprised to see his missing leg had returned.

By this time the others were getting thrashed as Jeremy, brandishing his Wolverine claws, had joined in the fight with the werewolf as well.

"Ohh.. I bet all the puppy wants is a little treat and a belly rub," said Jason before he took a fist to the face.

"Everyone stop....." shouted Fritz at the top of his lungs with little a force. "STOP!!!"

Using her new wings, Rose flew over in front of Jeff's face. "Hey, listen!"

Mick still held onto the back of the werewolf. "But Fritz, are you crazy? We have to stop this thing!"

"I think that this is Kyle," shouted Fritz.

Mick let go after the wolf nodded in the affirmative. It was only then that the confrontation started to die down and realization started to sink in.
Fritz continued to examine his leg as he spoke . " Apparently what ever that was that hit us . It somehow turned us into our costume , giving us their traits and abilities . "

By this time Rachel had come out of the shadows to join everyone else . " What's going on ? " . she too was apparently affected with her now being partly human , her skin retaining the small hit of blue .

Mick shook his head . " Come on Fritz . If that was the case then I would be missing my hand . " Mick pulled off the chainsaw that was attached to his right wrist and held up if arm . " See ! " He then did a double take as he saw the bandaged stump were his right hand used to be .

Jeff took a step back from Mick " OK so apparently we are our costume , '"

Mick's face went pale as a sheet . " Oh my god . My hand is fucking gone . " He then clenched his wrist .

" Its okay Mick . " Fritz reassured . " I'm sure if we .... "

Mick then cut him off with a harsh tone . " OK? OK ? , Look I'm missing my hand . Do you know what it's like to loose a part of your ........ ? " Mick had a regretful look as he suddenly bit his tongue .

Fritz lowered his glasses as he look at him for just a bit . " This is not the first time a Ghostbuster has had his physical form altered . " Added Fritz as he checked his chest, feeling his first and new second heart beats .

" Well how do you explain me then ? . " inquired Rachel .

Jeremy flexed his hands and retracted his claws . " Perhaps you were only partly affected because you are a ghost or it was that special costume you got off the net . "

Jason pulled off his mask showing his now scared and cancer riddled face . " What kind of cop out story is this ? I mean every single show does this sooner or later . " He then held up his hands and shrugged .. " It seams like lazy writing to me . " This prompted a long and silent stare from the rest of his team mates .




" Any way ." said Mick . " We have established what happened but any thought on who or why ? "

" It could be any number of things , " Kyle said with a unintentional growl . He was not used to his new lupine legs which made him stagger and caused Chelsea to raise her fur and hiss at him when he got too close to Abigail .

Fritz knelt down by Chelsea who was crouching over her daughter . Then gave her a deep reassuring hug . '' We will fix this , "

Chelsea looked back at him with her now slanted eyes , truth to tell , she was overwhelmed with all that happened and had a hard time suppressing her new baser instincts .

Abigail on the other hand was too young to grasp the situation and rather enjoyed her change . That is until she started to wine and showed some discomfort at her drying fish tail .

" There , there , Sweetie , its going to be alright . I'm going to put her in the tub . " Warping Abigail up in a blanket , Chelsea grabbed the bundle with her teeth and padded to the upstairs bathroom .
Fritz tuned stood back up and muttered to himself " I'm going to be really worried if I go upstairs and she's trying to mate with Mister Whiskers." He then tuned to Kyle who was feeling bad . " It's all right , at any rate we have to try and keep level heads . "

Jason picked up a nearby book and balanced it on his head . " Will do , Fritters but I don't see how this will help . "

" Cut that crap out , this isn't the time or the place . " Argued Mick as he reattached the chain saw to his arm .

Sounds of the TV caught Rose's attention and she zipped over to it . " Hay .... Hay listen " .

The breaking news logo came on the screen . and everyone gathered around it to get a good look . A man looking like a goblin gave a nervous glance at some papers in his hand then back at the camera ." Hi , I'm Tim Robert's coming to you with a live special report , All over the city chaos running wild in the streets as reports pour in of people tuning into the very costumes they were wearing . " He then adjusted the medieval armor that he had on as the camera angle switched . " Riots have started to break out with an unprepared police force powerless to stop them . All emergency hot lines and most communication are being overloaded as panic spreads . " . The goblin man then put his hand to his long ear. " I'm getting a report as to a possible point of origin to the pandemic . We now go live to Jill Henderson . on location "

The camera then cut to scene of the LA high rises and a woman who looked like the bride of Frankenstein holding a microphone . " Hold the camera steady Bill . " she shouted as the images jostled .

" I'm doing the best that I can . " came a voice from off screen , " You try working this thing with claws . "

The girl then put her hand to her ear , " Oh we are on . Hi , Jill Henderson reporting live from what is claimed as the epicenter of this event. Less than a hour ago witnessed claimed to see a wave a light being emitted from the top of this building . " She then reached over and pulled a woman dressed as The Major from Ghost In The Shell into the camera frame . " Can you tell us what you saw here miss ..... ? "

The woman looked around nervously and tried to hide her face from the camera with no avail " . It's Sam ."

" Is that short for Samantha ? " Inquired the reporter .

The woman just made a face " No, just Sam "

There was a overly long awkward moment of silence before the reporter spoke again . " So can you tell us what you saw ?"

" Well me and my co-workers were having are annual Halloween party , when we all heard something coming from the top of the building . " She then pointed to the skyscraper . " We all looked up and that's when we were all hit by that light . " The woman then tuned back to the reporter . " After we all came to we saw what we thought was a man jumping off the top of the building. However instead of falling he just sort of stopped and floated over to the park . " She then pointed off camera .

" Can you describe him ?" Inquired the reporter .

" It was hard to tell . He was in a black cape or robe but his head way big like a pumpkin , " the woman waved her hands over her head gesturing the shape .

" Thanks you " The reporter then tuned back to the ca,era . " Well there we have it . Answers to a mysterious question that only leads to more mystery , Back to you Tim "

Kyle made a confused sound and tilted his head to the side .

Jeremy looked over at Fritz . " Did she just descried what i think she did .? "

" I don't know . It's wouldn't be the first time . " Fritz the looked over at Jeff , " Could it be .... ?'

Jeff shook his head vigorously and cut Fritz off . " NO no . it's impossible. There is no way that is the Hain Witch . We check every year to make sure that son of a bitch is still in there and every year Bo shuts down NS just to guard it . "

" Perhaps it escaped . " stated Mick . He then looked over at Rose who was hovering just over Jeff . Rose get on the phone and call back east to see if the Hain Witch escaped . "

Rose made a face and put her hands on her hips . " Does it look like I can use the phone ? And even if I could , the lines are out "

Fritz shook his head . " No that doesn't make any sense . We would have been notified and it would have most likely gone after franchise Zero first rather than come all the way out here , "

" Then just what are we dealing with ? " Kyle finely managed to grunt .

" Well I'd say this story is picking up . . " replied Jason and he put his mask back on . " " How about we find it and ask it ? "

" Or we could get the other guys to to it . " added Rachel

Jeremy shook his head . " They are on the other side of town . "

" That , and it would take them too long to get here even if the city wasn't going nuts , " added Jeff .

" I don't think we have much choice . " Fritz pointed over to Jason and Mick . " You two load up the van . Everyone one else ... "

Fritz was cut off by Chelsea as she came down the stairs . '" I'm coming with you . "

" What ? no .... " Fritz gave her a perplexed look . " I thought you were going to stay here with Rose "

" Like hell I am ! " Chelsea growled as she grabbed his shirt . " I'm going to go out and stop whatever did this and get my little girl back ., "

Rose zipped over folded her arms and plopped down on Jeff head , " I'm coming too . "

Fritz gulped . " OK .. OK ..But someone has to watch Abigail "

Otter hoped down from the desk he was sitting on . " I will do it . "

Chelsea gave him a surprised look . " You think you can handle it ? "

" Yeah " Otter started to make his way up the stairs " I was always good with some of my old girlfriends' kids . "

The rest of the group went out to the garage but was stopped by Mick . " There's a problem . We can't get to our packs . "

" What do you mean we cant get them ? " asked Jeremy as he looked past Mick

Over on the far wall where the locker that held the packs should be , was a solid stone dungeon wall , covered in blood and rusted chains .

Jason was over with his ear up against the wall and sliding his hands over it , every now and then knocking on it . " I think it's a rock wall . "

" The decorations we put up must have been affected as well . " Stated Mick .

" Crap . ' Jeremy punched the side of the van . " We can fight without our gear , "

" Speak for yourself . " replied Jeff .

" Perhaps we don't need it ," stated Mick . " I mean look at us , between us all we should have enough abilities to take down anything . Unless anyone has any concerns or questions I say lets go ! "

Jason put his hand up like an eager little kid in a class , " Oh I got one , Why am I the only one speaking in orange text ? "

Another long confused silence was broken by Rachel " OK lets just head out . "
All over the city confused and panicked pedestrians roamed the streets aimlessly . Several Hanna Montana looking girls ran down the street being chased by a some pirates and cowboys . They ran past a group of child sized Power Rangers that had cornered a bat monster . A cow and a clown were doing their best to cheer up an oversize baby as it wailed and whined and pointed at a band of Vikings looting a store . The sky ways equally filled with activity , Demons and angels battled among the magical displays of the Harry Potter wizards and witches .

Jeremy drove the van down the street and did the best that he could given the circumstances . " Wow . This is nuts ! " He then had to swerve to to avoid hitting a two headed man and woman that was having an argument in the road .

Mick on the other hand sat in the passengers seat , a bit annoyed that is lack of a had prevented him from driving . " Yeah tell me about it . " He looked out at the anarchy on the streets .

Jason on the other hand was sting on the roof of the car doing some small acrobatics and singing the This is Halloween song over the loud speaker .

" You think we should be worried about him ? " asked Chelsea who was sitting close to Fritz .

" Perhaps , but I think we need to focus on the task ahead . " shrugged Fritz .

" Easy for you to say, Fritz. If you killed you'll just turn into Peter Davison" quipped Chelsea

The van soon puled up to the La Brea park and every one exited . It jumped about a good two feat of the ground when Kyle got out , " So where do we start looking ? "

Fritz looked at the PKE meter in his hand . " There is too much interference coming from us and everyone else that was altered in the city . "

Jeremy raised his hands up in annoyance " Great ! How are we going to find this thing now ?"

" Here is a crazy thought " said Mick " We could just ask someone . '"

Mick and Jeff went over to a half-angel half-demon woman that was having a schizophrenic moment .

" Ah, Miss , sorry to bother you but can we ask you something ? ' Asked Jeff .

" I know we may not look it but we're the Ghostbusters and it's of the utmost importance . " added Mick .

She tuned to look at him , her face heavenly and her demeanor angelic . " Oh yes , I well tell you anything you want to know , " . She then got a devilish smirk and bit the tip of her finger . " But what's your rush ? Wouldn't you rather have some fun first ?" . She then moved close to Mick grabbing his arm .

Mick tried to pry her off as Jeff continued to speak . " We wanted to know if you have seen any one in a purple robe and a pumpkin head come this way . "

The girl let go of Mick as her good personality took over again . She thought for just a moment then gracefully pointed to to the center of the park . " Yes ., he headed off that way towards he tar pits , But he wasn't wearing a purple robe " . Another devilish smile formed on her face as she suddenly ran her fingers through her hair . " It was more like a cape and some sort of gothic outfit . With some kinky S&M stuff , "

Jeff and Mick each exchanged odd looks . Jeff then held up his hand " Thanks for the help . "

As everyone else headed off Jason ran up to the girl and handed her a piece of paper . He then held up his hand to his ear as if he was on the phone running off to catch up with the others ,

A two story pier of tar , bones and stone sat in the center of the tar pits . Ornate carvings of bats and spiders and all things Halloween decorated its structure . A large flaming pumpkin sat at its crest just above an occupied throne .

Jeff was the first one there and stopped in his tracks . " No it can't be . "

Arising into the air from the throne was a man garbed in a black cape and dark skin tight leather . A look best compared to heavy metal band . His long cape flapped in the wind as he clapped his gloved hands . An amused grin forming on his pumpkin head . " And without fail , the mighty Ghostbuster are here . I was starting to think you wouldn't show . "

Fritz held up a hand letting everyone know to stay back . " You have us at a loss . You know who we are but would you be so kind as to enlighten us as to yourself ? "

The man replied with theatrical flair ," Isn't it obvious ? , I am the all powerful full lord and spirit of Halloween . "

" Bull shit ! " yelled Jeff . " You may look like him but there is no way in hell that your Sam Hain . Because he is now Hain witch and still locked up at Nightsquad's . "

Sneering the pumpkin headed man's eyes glowed red . " Your right I'm not , I am Sam junior, the son of Sam Hain . " An orange bolt of lightening flashed in the sky . He then pointed at the the group . " No thanks to you and your organization , my father was forced to merge with that of a forest goddess in hope to destroy you . " His expressing then tuned a bit somber , " His action abdicated his position and crated a power vacuum . One that I claimed as my birthright , as the new spirit of this night ."

Rachel tuned to the others " Hold on , how can he have a son ?"

" Some of the earlier known legends of Sam Hain said that he had a separate childlike like avatar of himself that he considered his son . " Replied Mick .

Fritz adjusted his glasses he stepped forward . " That's an interesting story but why what now and not six years ago when he became the Hain Witch ?"

The new Sam Hain's face went somber once again . " My father sired me back in 1984 with a willing High priestess of his cult . My essence was bound to a form of flesh and thus I had to wait to reach maturity ."
He then manifested some flaming skulls in his hands " However unlike my father , I will destroy you ! " with great velocity he hurled the flaming projectiles down at the Ghostbusters .

Landing in front of Jeff one of the skulls transformed into a kid wearing an orange winter track suit and a blue bandanna with a leaf on it . It then made some odd gestures with its hands . " Shadow Clone Jutsu !!! "
There were puffs of smoke and a sizable army of identical kids appeared . They all yelled at once " Believe it ! "

Jeff look around as a sinister grin formed on his face . " Oh I'm going to really enjoy this . " Pulling out his hook shot harpoon , " Get over here " . He fired it and hit several of the so called ninjas and pulled them over . He then backhanded them with his shield destroying them in a puff of smoke . Jeff then unleashed his Master sword and sliced several more ninjas in half as the all tried to jump him .

Mick was surprised when the skull that landed in front of him turned into a Zombie Abraham Lincoln . " What the hell ?"

" Hey, Sonny , you know what Zombie Lincoln likes do for fun ? He like to kick ass in the name of America . '" the Zombie Lincoln hit Mick in the face with a large sucker punch . Knocking him off his feet .

" Son of a bitch ! ' Mick rubbed hi jaw then had to roll out of the way as the Zombie Lincoln came at him with ha large mallet and was starting to sing " I've been working on the railroad . "

One of the other skulls fell into the tar pits were a the decaying tar covered corpse a saber tooth tiger arose . Letting out a roar it charged after Fritz pouncing on him . Just as it raised it's paw for a fatal strike Chelsea knocked it off of Fritz by jumping onto it's back , clawing and biting vigorously .

Kyle attempted to help but was soon confronted by a human bat vampire . Swooping up into the air it picked up Kyle and flew him into a nearby tree then dropped him on the ground . Snarling, it dissolved into a swarm of bats . Getting to his feet Kyle swiped at them as they started to zoom around him .

One of the bats spotted Rose and broke off from the group to attack her . Chuckling to itself it shifted its form into a small toy plane that looked like the Red Baron's .

Rose had to think quickly and dodge out of the way as the plane opened fire on her . " Holy crap ! Who does this guy think I am--Snoopy ?"

Getting a drink of water rather then paying any attention , Jason didn't see the the skull that was tossed behind him as it tuned into the Wicked Witch of the West . " Well, Dearie, how about a little fire ? " the tip of her broom ignited into flames as she spun it around like a expert martial artist .

Jason looked back and forth for a bit then just spat the mouth full of water on her ,

The witch let a gut wrenching scream as it hit her forehead , " AAAaaaa , look what you have done ! Who would have ever thought a small amount of water would have gotten me . . I'm melting . melting .. oh what a world . "

Looking for a bit at the piles of clothes on the ground , Jason just shrugged and ran off to help one of the others .

Jeremy and Rachel tried to make a dash for the stone structure but were stopped by the Black Knight . " None shall pass .. "

" Crap ! Where's Arthur when you need him ? " asked Jeremy as he looked up at the foreboding figure .

The Black Knight unleashed his sword and prepared to strike " Have at thee . "

" Look out . " With out thinking Rachel pushed Jeremy out of harms way only to be impaled by the sword herself .

In a blind fury of rage Jeremy extended his claws and severed the Black Knight's arms then kicked him to the ground ,.
Back at the GBHQ
Otter hoisted Abigail out of the tub " OK that's enough swimming for now . How about we get some food in you . "

He was about to take her to the kitchen when he heard the voice of Mike . " Hey! Where is everyone ?'

" Just a sec I will be right there ! " Still holding Abigail , Otter went down to meet Mike on his way to the ECU room .

" Otter where in the hell is every one ?" Mike gave an exasperated waive with his arm . " It's pandemonium out there ! " He then stopped and blinked . " What happened to you ?"

" We along with everyone in the city were turned into our costume . " Otter continued to rock Abigail in this arms , " They all decided to go and investigate the cause despite the fact that they couldn't get to their packs ."

" Crap ! " shouted Mike as he punched the rock wall of lockers . " I could have gone with them and given them the spare pack I had in the car , "

" Well, there is still time for you to catch up with them . Perhaps we can think of something . "

Feeling a bit cold Abigail gave a small sneeze which prompted Otter to then bundled her up in one of her mom's nearby GBWC uniforms a.

Out side of the building a bright flash could be seen from the garage door .
Back at the La Brea .
Jeremy rushed over to Rachel who was laying on the ground . " Rachel No . you're ..... you're going to be OK , I .. I ... "

Concentrating Rachel used the mutant power her costume provided to faze through the sword as she sat up . " I guess I picked a good costume after all . "

The Black Knight somehow got back up and look at his severed arms . " Tis but a scratch . " He then started to charge at Jeremy .

Rachel on the other hand grabbed hold of the Knight's legs . Using her power once more , she fazed him into the ground up to his waist where Jeremy gave the finishing move and loped off his head .

Helping her up to her feet Jeremy pulled her close and gave her a kiss .

Avoiding yet another blow from the Zombie Lincoln Mick revved up his chainsaw and when on the offensive . " All right, my turn . " Mick sawed the mallet in two as it was preparing to strike . He then unholstered the shotgun from his back and fired ,

Zombie Lincoln staggered back, a bit shaken but mostly unfazed .

" What the Hell ! " shouted mick . " How do you kill this guy ? '

" You got to get him in the back of the head . " Yelled Jason from across the field

" What ? " Mick made a face and then dove in between the Zombie Lincoln's legs coming up from behind . " Um... Sic Semper Tyranis? " He then opened fire .

Zipping around Rose did her best to out maneuvered the toy Red Baron as it shot at her and started to laugh . " Oh you think this is funny ? " Rose then stopped abruptly letting the Red Baron over pass her . Before he knew what was going on she sped up once more coming up from behind and jumped into the cockpit . " Tell me if this is funny . " She then covered his eyes and kicked the control stick .
The small plane when hurling out of control heading for a nearby tree , " Consider your wings clipped ,. " Fluttering her wings ,Rose uncovered his eyes and jumped off of the plane just before it crashed .

Jeff pulled his sword out of the last ninja and pointed it at Sam Hain " Your next, pie face . "

A scythe then manifested in Sam Hain's hands . " I guess I will just have to enjoy destroying you myself . " He swooped down with a fury of intensity with his blade meeting Jeff's .

Jeff held his master sword with both hands as he barely held back the attack . He then caught Sam Hain off guard be kicking him in the gut . Seeing an opportunity Jeff went on the attack .

Sam Hain attempted to slice Jeff in half with a long swiping motion of his scythe . The attack missed as Jeff leaned back Matrix style and avoided it . Sam Hain was then forced to do a backflip out of the way of Jeff's swing blade . " You got some good skills there but can you do this ? " Sam Hain split into five identical copies of himself and hovered around Jeff each one trying to attack .

Mick and Jason came over to help Jeff but had a hard time figuring out which Sam Hain was the real one .

" Jeff, which is the main one ? " Yelled Mick as his chain saw tore into the side of one of the Sam Hains .

" How in the hell should I know ? " replied Jeff as he dodged several more attacks .

Rose buzzed up in Jeff's face . " May be I can help with that ." She then zipped around the five Sam Hains finally hovering over one of them .

" All right ! " Yelled Jeff . " You guys get the rest , this one's mine !!! "

Jason pulled the two machetes he had on his back " All right let's tango . " He then ran them through the other Sam Hain .

Mick on the other hand fired his shot gun , blowing off little more than half of one of the Sam Hain's pumpkin head .

Jason had the two Sam Hains on the rope until the fourth one snuck up from behind , Snarling it sliced off Jason's right arm with his scythe , stopping his attack Jason looked as his dripping stump . " Talk about being disarmed . Hay can you guy's give me a time out ? " Jason then ran past them and picked up is arm and started to reattach it .

Kyle howled as the swarm of bats continued to attacked him. His growls became even more feral as most of the bats avoided the swipes of his claws . Having finally had enough Kyle let out one last growl and slammed his hands together as hard as he could , The concussive waves of the blast sent all the bats hurling to the ground incapacitated .
Once he was done with the bats Kyle turned his attention to the Sam Hains Jason and Mick were fighting . Jumping over he grabbed two of them by their heads and slammed them into one another ,

As this was going on Chelsea and Fritz were still fending off the saber toothed tiger . Chelsea was still on its back holding on with her teeth . The tiger attempted to clew and shake the smaller feline on its back but had trouble reaching . Finally the flesh of the tiger gave way and Chelsea was thrown to the ground , landing hard .

Seeing this Fritz reacted quickly and despite better logic , confronted the beast . Taking off the scarf of his costume he wrapped around the tiger's face . effectively blinding it . He then ran over to Chelsea . " Are you OK ? "

Chelsea shook her head . " No , I think I sprained my leg . " Seeing the concerned look on his face she tried to reassure him . " Promise me that after this is done , You're not going to take me to the vet . "

Feeling a bit better Fritz picked her up in his arms .

The roar of the tiger caught Fritz and Chelsea's attention making them turn around . Finally shaking its head one last time , it looked over at the two of them and pounced . Midway through the air it was hit by a proton bean , knocking it off course and blowing it to pieces .

Two Ghostbuster's brandishing packs were running across the field . Fritz instantly recognized Mike Devicente but didn't know the young woman that was with him .

" Fritz sorry it took so long getting here . Otter sort of filled me in on what happened , " Yelled Mike as he came over to them , " What do you need me to do ?'

" Go and help the others . " replied Fritz .

The young woman also came up to Fritz and Chelsea . " Mom , Dad are you OK ?"

Dumbfounded at the girl's statement Fritz and Chelsea looked at each other then at the girl . Glancing at the Aberdeen nametag , then at the reddish blond hair and perfectly mixed features , the two of them spoke at the same time . " Abigail ? "

She grinned and did a small curtsy before running off . " Sorry there's no time to explain . I got to help the others . '

" Abigail wait ! " said Fritz .

" I think she will be alright . " replied Chelsea . " Didn't you see , she's got my body your brains and a proton pack . "

Back in the fight Rose distracted Sam Hain by buzzing around his face as Jeff charged up his sword and got ready to unleash the force like a top . Letting loose, the force of his momentum and the charge of his weapon broke Same Hain's scythe .

" Curse you ! " blowing a hot jet of flames out of his mouth , Sam Hain flew back up in the air hovering just over Jeff ,

Rose finally had to stop her buzzing and seek safely behind Jeff as he raised his shield to block the flames .

Mick was sawing in half the Sam Hain he had shot in the face just as Kyle was disemboweling the two he was fighting ,

Jason having reattached his arm , was holding up the severed head of the fourth Same Hain . " Alas , poor Sam Hain . I knew him Horacio. So how are things going in Miami? " He then stopped and calmly tossed it behind him as he saw Mike and Abigail approach .

" Is it to late to join the party ?" Mike yelled enthusiastically .

Mick shook the ectoplasm from his saw . " Not at all . "

" Here I thought you could use one of there . " Mike held up a fresh ghost trap .

Mick stared with a blank look " I can't believe we forgot to bring one of those . '

" Looking back , it does seem like a big flaw in our line of attack . " added Jason .

" What is our line of attack ? " inquired Abigail a bit impatiently trying to get the guys back on track ..

" Well, Jeff is occupying him right now but I don''t know how long it will last ." Mick then pointed to Mike and Abigail . " You two get on either side of him and as soon as he's distracted , blast him . "

With out saying another word Mike and Abigail got into position .

" This is all well and good but were are we going to get a distraction ? " asked Jason .

Jeremy had finally joined the others " I think I got one . " He then turned to Kyle with a grin . " Throw me ! "

Sam Hain's attention was completely focused on Jeff as he continued to rain fire down . " Little good that sword of yours does from down there . Can't you see the inevitable , that you're not going to win , there is nothing you can do to stop me . "

" Fastball Special, Bub!!! " Jeremy came rocketing at him getting a good swipe of his claws on Sam Hain's face and chest and knocking him off kilter .

As soon as Jeremy was out of the way Mick gave the signal . Mike and Abigail fired their proton beams ensnaring the ghost .

" Abigail hold him as I toss out the trap . " yelled Mike .

" All right . " replied Abigail as she did all that she could to hold him .

The trap was then tossed under Sam Hain and he was bathed in its blinding light as it opened .

Slowly being sucked in Sam Hain fought to try and break free . " NO! You can't do this to me ! "

Jeff charged up his sword one last time and split Sam Hans head down the middle . " I guess like father , like son , "

Sam Hain was finally sucked into the trap and as soon as its doors shut an orange ring of light blasted everyone one to the ground and swept over the city .

Every one awoke slowly and checked themselves over . With the spell that had affected them no longer having anything to draw upon , they all returned to normal . They were also pleasantly surprised to find any injuries that they had sustained were now completely gone .

Chelsea once again only in her cat costume made her way over to Abigail . Still on the ground in her mommy's old uniform Abigail was scooped up .

Mick was rejoicing to himself at the return of his hand as he helped Fritz to his feet who was somewhat wishing he kept his leg .

Kyle removed his mask and felt his face " I'm so happy I can talk normal again ." He then assisted Mick with helping Fritz .

Rose who had been hiding on the back of Jeff's shirt now found her self sitting on top of him on the ground . " Oh sorry Jeff . '

Laying face down Jeff tried to sit up . " You can apologize later , for now could you just get off me ? "

Mike walked over to the trap and nudged it with his foot before picking it up . " Someone get a picture of me with this . "

As everyone one started to head back to the car , Jason couldn't help himself and raised his hands in the air . ' Happy Halloween ! "

the end
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