Filed by Dr. Kyle L. Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2003-21/015

Friday night around 8 p.m. A couple was walking down into the woods on their way to the Colonsdale Campground.

The place was abandoned and closed down for years. This made Cheryl uncomfortable and she wanted to leave.

" Michael, I don't like this place. I think we should leave." she said.

" No way, Baby, we just got here. I don't want to leave yet." he told her.

" Okay, Mike, we'll stay for a few minutes and then we'll leave." Cheryl told him, looking up into the full moon.

However, Michael was filling strangely and he fell to his knees, grasping at his stomach.

" Michael, what's wrong do you need any help ?" Cheryl asked him.

" Stay away from me and run way as fast as you can." he told her, while hearing the howling of wolves.

Frightened, Cheryl ran away from Michael but she could hear the howling of the wolves getting closer to her but she was grabbed by something and her throat was bitten out and her body went limp.

At Chris "Ludacris" Bridges's house.......
The whole team was battling out with a group of monherians.

" Come on, guys, try to not to damage the furniture !" Ludacris warned them.

" Nah, the beams are on their lowest setting. Yee-hoo !" Ron said, excitedly.

" They better be or someone's about to get crumpt, dawg." he told Ron.

" Team, just remember my quote. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye to a proton stream. Then it's hilarious." Andy quoted, while blasting a monherian.

" I haven't had a bust this easy." said Joey, " Fritz, let's wrap this up."

" Indeed." Fritz replied, while drawling his bust towards the other monherians.

Once the little buggers were rounded up. Jeff took his trap and tossed it beneath them. He flipped the foot-switch. The trap slowly came open, sucking the monherians into its vortex, and slowly closing them inside.

Ludacris looked in amazement. " Word up, Ghostbustas, how much will this be ?" he asked them.

Joey did the figures and politely said, " That'll be $5000 dollars."

" Okay, dawg, that's cool. I'll pay and since you didn't damage anything. Here's a little bonus from me but keep this between us." Ludacris told Joey.

Joey took the bonus money and said, " Okay, thank you and a pleasure doing business with you, Sir, and no applause, please."

Ludacris laughed as he walked them to the door.

" I wonder if I could a song about them , called ' Bust a ghost.' " he thought to himself.

So he called his agent and discussed the details, while watching the Ghostbusters drive off.

On the road...
" I don't know about this, guys, but I feel like that was too easy for us to bust." said Kyle, very disappointed.

" Cheer up, Kyle, it was just a regular bust that we'll have from time to time." replied Peter.

The Ghostbusters were driving through to the L.A. streets until Chad had seen Lil'Kim walking into a clothing store.

" Wow, guys, that was Lil'Kim." he said, excitedly.

Andy turn to Chad, little annoyed, " She not so Lil' to me."

" You should see her investments." Kyle said, " I can't wait to see my cats when we get back."

The Base....

Everybody loaded out of their vehicles and crowded into the kitchen. Kyle heard a very familiar sound.

" Maggie, is that you ? " he asked.

So he picked the cat up and held it into his arms. " How has your day been ? " he asked the cat.

However, Jeff turned on the lights and everyone there saw Kyle holding Wedge, whom he thought was Maggie.

" Kyle, put my cat down." he told him.

" Huh ? Wedge ?" he asked, very confused.

Wedge wasn't very happy of Kyle holding him, matter of fact, he was hissing and meowing at him.

" Oh, sorry about that." Kyle said so he placed Wedge down on the couch.

Maggie came running down the stairs and was yowling for his attention.

" Hey there, Maggie." he said after he picked her up and cuddled his beloved cat.

A few minutes later, Ron came down from his room and tossed Mr. Whiskers on Kyle.

" Please keep your cats from entering my room." he said.

Kyle replied, " You know you shouldn't throw Mr. Whiskers around like that. He'll crap on everything you own."

Before discussion started, there was a phone call by the L.A.P.D.

" Hello, Ghostbusters. How many I help you ?" Kyle answered the phone.

" Yes, this is Chief Rayburn Dutton. A few of my investigators discovered a girl has been killed near the old Colonsdale Campgrounds. It looks pretty awful but there are teeth marks on her throat that look unnatural and we have found animal prints on the ground when can you come and investigate this matter?"

" Tomorrow morning would be fine." Kyle replied.

" Okay how early ? " Dutton asked.

" 4:30 am." Kyle answered back and then they both got off the phone.

However, Andy heard the conversation and was displeased with Kyle's decision.

" Now see here, Kyle, it would be a freezing day in heck before I'll get up that early for a ghost hunt." he said, very angrily.

" Andy, this isn't a ghost we're after. More like a werewolf or a vampire and besides you like hunting anyways." Kyle told him.

Andy thought about it for a moment. " Okay, I'll do it." he said.

" Might I interject, Kyle, it would be foolish to go that early since they change into their human form during the day.'' Jeff interrupted.

" Some can remain in wolf form during the daylight and early mornings. In Portugal, werewolves are seen during the early hours of the day and there's some that can change at will not matter if it's day or night.'' Kyle explained.

" Speaking of this subject, gentlemen, I would like to interact with your group's activity tomorrow morning.'' Fritz jumped in.

They all agreed to this decision even though Andy wasn't thrilled awaking up that early.

They all went into their bedrooms and rested for on of the most thrilling bust they'll have yet.

4:30 a.m.....

Kyle's alarm went off. So he sat Maggie down off his chest, placing her on the pillow and switched off the alarm.

He also go the others out of their bedrooms.

" Kyle, would be imperative that the members carry any thing of protective value and food , as well." Fritz suggested.

" Good idea, Dr. Baugh, but I don't have anything silver but I would would advise everyone to take food." Kyle told them all.

They all got everything they needed, plus they got dressed and headed to the Ecto-1S.

" Okay, everyone buckle up and for those who didn't get any sleep. Now's the time to do it." said Andy, little groggy.

Kyle started the Ecto-1S, backing it out of the driveway and drove off.

On the road....
" Okay, this place is supposed to be a few roads ahead of us." said Fritz, holding his PKE meter .

Jeff jumped in, " I know where it is. If you take a left on this road and then a hard right you'll be there."

So Kyle took a left on the road and took the hard right on the road, which sjook everyone around inside the vehicle.

" Chillax, Kyle, take it easy on the road there, man." Chad said, waking up.

" We're here, gentleman." said Fritz, vaguely irritated by Kyle's driving.

So they all loaded from the Ecto-1S.

" There's the chief. " said Peter, placing his proton pack on.

The Colonsdale Campground...
" Howdy, boys." Chief Dutton greeted them.

" Where's the body ?" asked Kyle.

" It's in a lab, Dr. Stevens, the investigators are combing for clues." replied Chief Dutton.

" Then why in the bluest of all heck did you drag us all here instead of going the laboratory where the body is there? " asked Andy, angrily.

Chad and Peter tried to calm Andy down from pounding Chief Dutton.

" Gentlemen, I'm getting a reading from what appears to be a valence 7." Fritz jumped in.

However, everyone heard a growling howl.

" Well, folks, I'll just leave this thing up to your expertise. So long and be careful." Chief Dutton told them, while getting into his squad car and sped out of there.

" I wonder why he left in a hurry ?" Kyle asked, very puzzled.

" Guys, I should think we should find shelter because I think I know why that chief left." said Peter, hearing the howling.

" Listen." Kyle told them, " Be quiet and listen to the howls."

They listened to the howls for a moment.

" That's not wolves, team, what we have here are werewolves." Kyle said, " And they're warning us.''

So they searched the area.

Andy and Kyle found footprints of the werewolves, as Jeff and Peter found the site where the girl was killed.

" Guys, we've found the place where the girl was killed.' said Jeff.

While, they were searching the field, they were being watched by one of the werewolves.

The Ghostbusters looked over the area from top to bottom until they found some old campground trailers and mobile homes.

" I'm starting to see why Chief Dutton left." said Andy, " Creepy, what all do you know about this place ?"

" Well, Jed, this place was shut down about 50 years ago because people can't disappearing and their trailers or campers were empty. So they shut the place down and is currently used as a " love spot " for teens." Jeff explained to them.

" Anyone willing to explore them ?" asked Kyle, " I'm going in there."

" Me and Creepy will go with you ." said Andy.

" Me, Chad, and Peter will search the woods more clues." Fritz jumped in.

So one half went into the trailers and mobile homes and the other half went into the woods.

Kyle, Andy, and Jeff enter one of the trailers.

" Good grief. Hasn't anyone heard of cleaning these days?" smirked Andy.

Kyle and Jeff went into the bedrooms and kitchen, while Andy checked checked the living quarters.

However, Andy found some odd things in the living quarters.

" Hey, guys, I have found some odd listen tunes in the living quarters." he called them.

" Andy, if it's fart jokes from South Park I'm gonna scream." Jeff replied.

" Actully, Creepy, you're right on the first guess but I have also found some Micheal Jackson, Jackson 5 , and Janet Jackson tapes." Andy said.

While they were searching the camping trailer they were still being watched by the same werewolf.

However, the Ghostbusters searched the area till night fall.

8:30 p.m....
" Okay, team, before I go into a panic attack from what I've seen from that camping trailer. I suggest that we check out the mobile homes." said Kyle.

" Good idea, Kyle, there's lots of trailers and mobile homes to make you ill." smirked Andy.

Meanwhile Fritz and the other two were searching the woods.

" This is highly diappointing. I would have expected better from this point of view." Fritz muttered.

" I know what you know, Fritz, I could have been at home playing Tomb Raider." Peter said.

Somehow through all the chatter. Chad managed to hear leaves crumpling behind them.

" Yo, guys, we better split." he told them, as Fritz glanced at his PKE meter.

" Not good !" he peeped, while hearing something running behind them.

The three Ghostbusters ran through the woods, not worrying about that was behind them as long as they got to safety.

Meanwhile, Kyle, Andy, and Jeff walked out of the trailer seeing the other run up to them.

" We have to get out of here ! Something was following us in the woods !'' yelled Peter.

" More like something else." Andy pointed, while a pack of werewolves were above them on the hill.

" Let's see, a werewolf pack with 6-8 members. One leader and one younger one to lead the pack as second in command. This does not look good for us." said Kyle, " I think we should get inside the trailer.''

" We'll do a cover fire with 3 runners and 3 shooters." Andy mentioned.

The werewolves motioned to slaughter them. The Ghostbusters ran for the first trailer they could see.

" Secure the doors !" ordered Fritz, just as a werewolf's claw burst through the door, and trying to swipe at him.

" Get back !" Peter shouted, charging his proton gun, and blasting the werewolf's claw.

The werewolf yelped in pain but continued trying to get in the trailer.

A few minutes later the attack ended and the werewolves were gone.

" Everyone okay ? No injuries ? " asked Kyle, with a concerned look on his face.

" We're fine, Kyle, I take it that the werewolves are gone for now and will come back later." Fritz pointed out.

" True but the question is how long will they wait ?" asked Andy.

" Well, Andy, from what I have heard werewolves have healing powers, which will make it difficult to fight them with our proton packs." said Kyle.

" I think we should search the trailers and campers to see with there's anything that will aid us in battle with these werewolves." Jeff suggested, " And find out what really happened to this area."

4 hours later....
Kyle and Jeff went out to search the other trailers and campers.

" Look for anything silver or anything that can harm them." Kyle said, while going through everything in the trailers and campers.

" I have some silver knives that we could convert them into crosses" Jeff told him.

" I can top that--I found a useful tool set that Chad can use and some truck keys, as well. " Kyle mentioned. " And I have found tons of Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson records."

" I saw the same thing in one of the trailers , as well." Jeff told him, as they both look confused in a slight moment.

Meanwhile in the trailer, the other Ghostbusters were staying in.

Andy stood up for a moment, walking toward the bedroom and bathroom.

He saw that the two areas were clean and untampered with.

" Guys, I don't think we're the only ones to investigate this area." he told them.

3 hours later....
Kyle and Jeff returned to the trailer.

" We saw everything, team, there's blood all over the rest of the trailers and campers. Not to mentioned that when we went though the closets there was human skeletons in them." Kyle explained to them.

" Also I've found one gun with one silver bullet in it, every Jackson 5 or other Jackson tape known to man, and not to mention a cave a few feet away from us." Jeff added in.

" These are for you , Andy." Kyle said, while tossing him the keys.

" Groovy, Dude, the keys to a huge truck I hope." joked Andy, with excitement in his eyes.

However, the werewolf that was watching them broke through the trailer from the bedroom window.

The Ghostbusters charged their blasters...waiting for the right moment to strike on the upcoming foe.

The werewolf's head peered through the bedroom door, sneering at them.

" Fire at will." ordered Andy, taking the first shot at the werewolf.

The team blasted the werewolf's head, which was burning his flesh off but it still managed to break lose of the proton streams.

They heard the werewolf's roars transforming into a humanoid scream. The team heard a soft, low pitched voice asked, " What is this a Pepsi commercial ? "

" Egad !" gasped Fritz, as he watched the figure slowly approached them.

It was Michael Jackson, the famous King of Pop !!

" Now hold on here !!" Andy sparked, " You are telling me that Michael Jackson of all the people is a werewolf ?!?!"

" Hey, guys, what's up?" he asked, quietly as the the Ghostbusters looked at him in a strange way.

"I'm surprised too." Jeff deadpanned. "Those guys at Lurid Weekly Gazette were so wrong--they thought for sure he was a vampire..."

" That was not cool !! You have hurt my children with your nuclear weaponry and you shall pay for what you've done to them and to my hair." Michael shouted at them.

" Hey, MJ, I have a song you. You're not black and you're sure as heck ain't white. You're plan flat out yellow with part of your hair burned at a crisp." mocked Andy.

" Okay, Mister, now you've done it !" Michael scolded him, " Attack !"

The werewolves busted through the bottom of the trailer and grabbed Chad, Fritz, and Jeff while Kyle and Peter ran outside to prevent to the other werewolves from attacking them.

Andy was left in a showdown with Michael Jackson.

" I have a bone to pick with you, Mister." Jackson said, as he pulled off his nose and tossed it aside.

" I'll eat your bones and devour your children. Lahehe !" he taunted Andy, while going through his werewolf transformation.

Andy watched him for a second so he could find to closest thing to fight him off.

When he reached back he quickly snatched whatever he could grabbed and he ended up with a rusty umbrella.

" Come get some, Freak. Here's something to remember me by...." he paused for a moment so Michael could take a step closer to him.

" Baltimore !!" Andy shouted, as he rushed over to him, beating the mess out of him with his new found weapon.

Andy attacked with a few swings with the umbrella and a few punches to the burnt side of Michael's head. He continued the same attack until his weapon was swiped away.

Michael tried to bite him but Andy elbowed him in the stomach and grabbed him from behind, pushing him outside a window.

Andy had him in a headlock,while dangling him outside the window but he fell to the ground.

" I know you're there, MJ." Andy taunted, as charging his proton blaster and waiting for Michael come back for him.

Michael pop up at the window to scare Andy but he was blasted by his proton blaster and he was knocked out.

Jeff, Chad, and Fritz were still fighting the werewolves from beneath them.

Fritz and Jeff had used their proton streams to fight them off.

However, Chad grabbed the gun that was left on the floor and shot the werewolf's right eye.

The werewolf howling in pain and defeat as the creature slowly vanished.

" What the heck ?" he asked, " Yo, folks, I just shot one and it disappeared !"

" They possibly could solid manifestations that were summoned by a greater power and that they're not actually real people but a form of spiritual solid manifestations of the real werewolves." explained Fritz.

" Fritz, MJ, is the real thing." Andy said to him.

" Perhaps he has the ability to summon them or something else did." Fritz replied, grabbing a silver folk and stabbing a werewolf with it.

Fritz watched the werewolf howl and disappear. He scanned the data with his PKE meter and he glanced at it.

" Fascinating, indeed...." he thought to himself.

Jeff was fighting one with his proton blaster.

" I hope you like apples." he said, while delivering the super kick beneath the werewolf's jaw.

The beast staggered for a moment but shook it off and it grabbed Jeff by his throat.

" I don't think so." Jeff taunted it, while grabbing a steak knife from the busted window and rapidly stabbing the werewolf's head until it disappeared.

Andy ran behind the trailer and found an huge, old Ford truck but the wiring was bad in it.

" Hey, Clutch, rewired the truck, please." Andy asked him.

" Sure thing, dawg." Chad said, while crawling under neath the truck and completely rewiring it.

Chad finished the truck quickly. A werewolf came after them but Andy switched the truck on and floored it into the werewolf , crashing it into a tree.

" Here's comes the boom. Here's comes the boys of the south." he sang, while smashing to the werewolf onto the tree.

Andy drove back and forth on the werewolf until he pinned the werewolf on the tree but the truck couldn't move.

The werewolf pushed the truck back a bit but it fell down.

" See ya." Andy said to it, when driving over the werewolf's head.

Kyle and Peter were still fight off the werewolves that were after them.

However, Kyle happened to grab a machete and he stabbed the werewolf's chest.

" Peter, catch !" Kyle shouted, while tossing the machete to him.

" I have the power !!" Peter said, acting like He-man.

He swiped at the werewolf's head, beheading it.

The two watched the werewolves vanish within a few minutes.

However, Michael got up from his unconscious state.

" Now you're going to get it ! " he roared at them, as the team heard music playing.

" Oh, no. Not Thriller !!!" Jeff exclaimed, covering his ears.

They all watched in horror as they watch Michael summon more werewolves and rehearsed he whole Thriller act, including a moon walk and a crotch grab.

They danced and twirled around as Michael made the Ghostbusters terrified to do anything.

5:30 am....
" Look the sun is raising." said Fritz.

Michael's powers were weakening and his werewolf manifestations were disappearing on after another.

" Something is happening." Kyle pointed out, as Michael was changing back to normal.

A werewolf manifestation had popped out of Michael's body and was trying to possess one of the Ghostbusters.

" Fire." Andy ordered, as he fired the first shot.

The team delivered the final shots the manifestation until Jeff laid the trap down and pressed the foot switch.

The trap came open and sucked it into its vortex.

6:00 am....
A black helicopter that was titled F.B.I. hovered over them and landed.

The Ghostbusters watched a young woman with blonde hair that was braided into pig tails and angel blue eyes step out, approaching them.

Her fresh British accent addressed them, " I am Agent White, special investigator of the F.B.I.....where is Michael Jackson ?"

" He's taking a nap over there." Andy pointed out.

White walked to up to him and said, " Michael Jackson, you are hereby under arrest for the murder and disappearance of Cheryl J. Baxter. Get up, Mr. Jackson, you're coming with us for questioning."

Michael awoke thinking that he was still a werewolf tried to maul Agent White.

He knocked her down but Andy walked inside the trailer, grabbed the rusty umbrella and threw it at Michael.

The umbrella hit him in nose while White got up and thrust kicked him in the ribs.

" Add assault and battery on an agent of the law." she told him.

" I have to admit, guys, she does look like Cammy White from Super Street Fighter 2 for Sega Genesis." Peter stated.

"It still makes me wonder--an American FBI agent with a British accent?" Jeff shook his head.

"I ain't complainin', m'man..." Chad said, eyeing Agent White.

" Thank you for all your great work, mates, Cheerio !" she winked at them and got in the helicopter.

They watched the F.B.I. helicopter fly off taking Michael Jackson with them.

" Well, let's get back home." Kyle said, as them all got into the Ecto 1S and drove off the base.

The End...

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harnish and Vincent Belmont