Filed by Jason Knetge, GBWC
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2007-25/309

November 2007
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty Five
Bright flickering lights and loud noises interrupted the silence of the night in the back alley of several small businesses . Two ghosts high tailed it a around the corner of the building and into the street followed by two men in blue and orange flight suits . One had a Notre Dame cap on and the name "Harnish" was on his chest . He shot out a stream from his proton gun . " Hey. Creepy--they went this way! "

Another man emerged from the alley. He had long black hair with a goatee, the name "Nash" was on his flight suit . In his hand was a weapon of his own design, the Proton Master Sword . " OK Jethro, let's just finish up. I want to get back to HQ ".

The two ghosts skidded to a halt right in front of the the GBWC's converted swat van, the ECTO-WC . The purple one with five eyes and limbs attached only to its head ran around the van .

" I'll get him! " yelled Andy as he did a duck and roll around the van in pursuit .

" Well then I guess that leaves you to me. " Jeff turned to the six armed red ghost that was trying to crawl up the van .

A quick slash of the saber sent the ghost to the ground. Jeff then moved in, raising his weapon for the final blow but a shadowy hand clamped onto his arm.

The small purple ghost tried to dodge Andy's shots and in doing so did not see where he was going . He was stopped after he slammed and bounced off of something. Looking up and blinking all of his six eyes, he saw a tall 6' 4" glowing man . The man was dressed in a ripped leather jacket and singed pants. Most of his head was melted a way revealing a skull and no trace of the man's former identity .

Andy raised his proton gun to the newcomer. " Hold it right there pal! I don't know who you are but your not part of this bust. "

" The name's Stubbs, I'm one of the Banshee Boys ," He looked at the purple ghost, " and from the looks of it you're the one asking to be busted. "

Stubbs cracked his bony knuckles then advanced on the Ghostbuster . He winced a little as Andy's beam hit him in the chest--but other than that, it barely slowed him down!

Andy started to back up as the leather clad specter drew near. " What the Hell?! It's not working !!"

The ground was knocked out from under him as a second figure did a swift kick on him . Andy rolled over to see that his other attacker was much shorter than Stubbs. He had to be no taller than 5'6" . His head was engulfed in fire with two pitch black eyes, rows of red horns ran down his limbs and torso poking holes through the tank top and jeans he was wearing .

" Hey, Needles, thanks but I could have handled this wimp on my own " said Stubbs has he shrugged off the effects of the beam .

Andy called out, " Hey Jeff I need some help over here !!!" When he turned to look he saw Jeff frantically slashing at a third ghostly opponent . He had to be 5'11". Thick iron bars formed the cage that was his mask. Heavy chains were wrapped around his forearms . His shirtless chest showed off his blue skin and his black pants and boots gave him the look of an 80's wrestler .

Andy saw the look of panic on Jeff's face as he was picked up and thrown onto the hood of the ECTO-WC and then slid to the ground .

" I never thought I'd say this, Andy, but ...these guys are too tough, we have to get out of here."

" I'll say--I had an easier time with Ashram."

The three attackers started to circle the two men . Jeff slapped a hand on the ground forming a wall of ice to shoot up separating them from the gang of ghouls . Andy got up and helped Jeff into the ECTO-WC before they sped off .

The purple and red ghost looked at each other then back at Stubbs and the gang. " Wow we've never see anyone send the Ghostbusters running before " stated the red ghost .

" Who are you guys ? " inquired the purple ghost .

The three newcomers ignored the questions and talked to themselves . " Hey, Stubbs you said we were going to have some fun to night " said the ghost with the red horns.

The blue skinned ghost smacked his hand into his fist " Yeah I thought you had more plans than just beating the crap out of some weak Ghostbusters "

" Needles, Thrasher, settle down the night is still young. We'll find a place that's fun! "

The two small ghosts spoke up, "Ahh, we know a place "

Thrasher leaned down, " What kind a place ?"

" Yeah the Banshee Boys are looking for a good time "

The purple ghost blinked and fell over " Ah, it's's a ghost bar "

" One of the best in town " added the red ghost.

All three of the Banshee Boys nodded their heads in approval . Stubbs stuck his hands in the pockets of his lather jacket. " Well then show us the way as we ride down "

Two headlights flickered on and off as a mangled burnt car drove up stopping in front of Stubbs .

San Pedro, California
The old cruiser was parked by an old pier stretched out over the the beach . A decrepit sign stood at the front entry way. With it's chipped paint and faded colors one could barely make out what it said . ( Family Fun Center ) Several chains and two by fours were used to haphazardly block the entry way . A second sign read: "Condemned since 1985"

At the far end of the pier sat a small carnival, long since past its days of use, a grim deathly shadow of what it once was . Beneath the Ferris wheel with its creaking sounds was an old western themed restaurant . An eerie glowing light came from the window as did the sounds of music.

Inside, the door of the establishment flew open as the purple and red ghost lead the Banshee Boys in. Like in a old Western, everything in the bar stopped and peered at the new comers but then slowly went back to normal.

From wall to wall there was a cornucopia of various spectors . Some had the distinct features of the time when they were once human . Others ran the gamut from the cartoonish to that of which could only have been spawned from the consciousness of the mad .

Needles and Thrasher both nodded their heads at Stubbs before they made they're way to the bar . The red and purple ghost ran off into the crowd yelling of how they were saved from the Ghostbusters .

All three leaned up on the bar, each on surveying a part of the room .

" You boys look like you had a bit of trouble and could use a drink. " came a gruff voice .

Needes turned around as Stubbs and Thrash just moved their heads . Behind the bar a gelatinous mass oozed it's way over to them, it's one massive eye dilating as it focused on Needles . "So what will it be ? "

Stubbs leaned in " Trouble? Nah, we just got done jumping some of the so-called tough West Coast Ghostbusters."

" Bunch of wimps if you ask me. I don't see why everyone thinks they're so bad ass ." quipped Needles

The bartender blinked before his posture switched to a more casual one. " Wow and you guys look like you hardly have a scratch! Tell you what, anyone that can do that to the Ghostbusters gets their choice of drink on me ! "

Stubbs leaned back smiling with his hand up " Me and Needles are good but Thrasher here will take the best drink you got "

Thrasher stared at Stubbs not saying anything as the drink was poured and slid over to him. He held it up to his face seeing it pulsate with a special glow .

" Something wrong? " inquired the bartender upon seeing the hesitation .

With a sneer on his face Stubbs put his arm around Thrasher's shoulder. " Oh come on cage face this is no way to act when someone gives you a free drink. '

" Yeah chug it man! " added Needles as he punched Thrasher's arm .

Stubbs and Needles both started chanting together " Chug! Chug! Chug! "

Shaking his head and muttering something unprintable, Thrasher tipped the glass back and downed it all in one gulp . A bright green flame shot out of his mouth as he belched.

Rolling his eye he let out a hearty laugh ." You boys are all right! "

" You're not so bad yourself " Needles then turned and headed off to the middle of the bar with Thrasher and Stubbs.

A rather large muscle bound ghost in a hard hat and construction outfit moved in on them " You three have to follow me , My boss would like to have a word with you ."

" Sorry Pal but we were just heading out. " Stubbs and the gang backed up and turned around but were met by another large ghost, the one in a red and white football uniform.

" He said the boss wants to have a word with you. "

The two toughs escorted the gang to a dark secluded booth in the back of the bar . A small figure sat there concealed by the shadow. " Greetings Gentlemen. Thank you for coming "

Needles and Thrasher rotated their shoulders as Stubbs straightened his jacket. " No sweat , your just lucky we could fit you in . We're a very busy gang after all "

" Oh I've herd. Word travels fast especially when it comes to a group of individuals that can best the Ghostbusters, Mr . Stubbs ."

Needles approached the booth so the flames of his head would shine some light to see better. " I believe you have us at a disadvantage as to who you are."

With the light it was easy to see a small ghostly dwarf of a man in a suit that looked like it was something a gentleman of the old west would wear . His eyes had a wild and slightly crazed look giving no falsehood to the brilliant mind behind them . " Oh yes were are my manners? I am the great Dr. Loveless ."

He sipped at his drink. " And you met my associates, Hard Hat Horror and Tombstone Tackle, " gesturing to the construction worker then the football player .

Thrasher was sill nursing his holder , " Yeah we met "

" Thanks for the introduction. Nice to meet a fan." stated Stubbs casually.

Dr. Loveless lit a cigar. " No Mr . Stubbs you don't understand, you see this is my state and there's not a thing in it that I don't hear about. " He then took a long drag of his cigar . " I run all the muscle in this part of town and if you boys are everything they say. then I may have some use for you. "

Dr. Loveless then waived a correcting finger. " That is if you can pass the audition!"

With that Tombstone grabbed Thrasher flung him across the bar and onto a crowded table .

Stubbs and Needles jumped out of the way as the floor was smashed by Hard Hat's descending fists .

Hard Hat staggered back as Needles landed an uppercut to his chin. Seeing their opponents at a vulnerable state, Stubbs moved in with a barrage of quick jabs to the gut . His attack was cut short as Tombstone lifted Stubbs up over his head preparing to chuck him . At the other end of the bar Thrasher brushed off the contents of the table that he had landed on before charging at the ghostly football player . Thrasher plowed Tombstone into the wall causing him to drop Stubbs who spun in the air before landing on his feet .

With several hits to the face Needles managed to drive the towering construction worker back . Hard Hat let out a roar just before is massive fists smashed into Needles shoulders causing him fall to his knees .

Seeing this, Stubbs picked up a slime encrusted chair and smashed it on the back of Hard Hat's head . Affected by the blow, Hard Hat, with a dazed but still enraged look staggered over to Stubbs. Barely keeping his balance with each step, a second chair to the back by a recovered Needles brought him down .

Stubbs and Needles looked over saw Thrasher hit Tombstone with one of the unwrapped chains from his arm . Tombstone raised his fist one last before he went crashing forward .

The silence that filled the bar was broken by the clapping of Dr. Loveless . " Marvelous, simply marvelous . That was a brilliant display of physical dexterity and endurance. "

Stubbs , Needles and Thrasher quickly huddled together, fists raised, as they saw Tombstone and Hard Hat start to recover and get to their feet .

Dr, Loveless hopped down from the booth where he was sitting and went over to his two enforcers. " No need for anymore unwanted mayhem. I have seen all I need to. "

The ghostly trio lowered their guard as Stubbs stepped forward ." What do you mean you've seen all you need ? "

Loveless took his cane that was just handed to him and tapped it on Stubbs' chest. " It means that you boys have shown that you're some tough mercenaries and you may be of some future use to me in my endeavors. "

"So how do we find you if we're going to do some for work for you?" I inquired Needles .

Loveless put on his top hat and smiled " Oh don't worry about that my friend, I will find you!" With that, Loveless and his two cohorts phased through the back wall ,

Stubbs , Needles and Thrasher all glanced at each other then at the mess they had made .

Thrasher then nodded his head hinting that it was a good time to leave .

On their way out Needles stopped by the bartender and gestured over to the red and purple ghosts that were over at the other end of the room . " Those two said that they're going to pick up our tab for us. "

The bartender nodded his head in confirmation and the Banshee Boys left .

Ghostbusters West Coast HQ
The sun rose as a mangled cruiser pulled up to the front of Ghostbusters West Coast. The doors slammed shut as the Banshee Boys got out . They shambled their way into the garage and over to the lockers .

They were about to open one when they heard a door close behind them . They all turned to see Dr. Fritz V. Baugh, CEO of Ghostbusters West Coast.

He made his way over with a disapproving look "You were supposed to be back before sun up!" Fritz took a glance at his watch as it started to beep .

Thrasher and Needles sat down on the nearby bench as Stubbs stood there. All three started to blur as their ghostly features began to fade and shift .

The face of Mick Nielson replaced the one of Stubbs. " Sorry Fritz--it took a little longer then we expected."

Fritz shook his head a bit. " You know if it wasn't for the fact that the main office back in New York asked us to try all this, I never would have gone for it "

Jeremy Hicks patted the the last bit of flame out on his head as the horns vanished. " Well no one had any idea of who we really were so I say it seemed to work. "

"We even got to meet a rather interesting fellow tonight. " Jason Knetge removed the chains from his forearms and put on a shirt .

Mick removed his leather jacket that now looked brand new. " Not only that, but thanks to that little choreographed fight Jeff and Andy were able to perform with us, the Banshee Boys have made a name for themselves as a group that can best the Ghostbusters . "

"Well don't forget Belmont, " Fritz corrected . " After all without that Potion of Wraithform he sent, you guys never would have passed as ghosts. "

Jeremy got up from his seat ."I'll say it helps having a top wizard in GBI. I'd hate to think of what we would have had do otherwise."

" We would have had to cover ourselves in slime like Dr.Venkman had to one time back in 89, " added Jason.

Fritz then adjusted his glasses and chuckled. " Well I expect a full briefing later with the rest of the team. But from the sounds of it our first covert when well . "

"Yeah I don't think the ghost world has heard the last of The Banshee Boys. " Mick then took one last look at his jacket hanging in his locker before shutting the door.

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