Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
Additional material by Dr. Jeffrey Nash and Dr. Fritz V. Baugh
with plot assistance from the entire GBWC team
GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/001
Jon Dennison, director of the new animated film Dance of the Skeletons, was attacked and wounded by the monstrous creature called....The Ravisher. The civilians--Dr. Fritz Baugh, Jeremy Hicks, Peter Kong, Jake Kong, Sr, Dr. Peter Venkman, Mrs. Dana Barrett-Wallance-Venkman, Oscar Wallance, and Dr. Joey Williams--attempted to help Mr. Dennison out....Venkman and Joey succeeded in driving the Ravisher away, allowing the others to summon aid, but the man's survival is still very much in doubt...
April 18, 2003
Somewhere in the highway....
" How is he ?' " Dr. Peter Venkman asked with a concern look on his face.

" He's lost a good bit of blood for the wound that he'd received. I just hope our chief of staff can save him." the EMT answered him.

The ambulance roared through the highway heading to Stevens Point Hospital.

Stevens Point Hospital....
Dr. Kyle Stevens, a well respected medical surgeon/chief of staff, was in charge of gang-related activies and self induced injuries tonight. His last patient was shot nine times but was still alive.

" OK, Marty, give me the forceps to pull the bullets out." commanded Kyle, with grim determination. With luck, he managed to get all the bullets out of the man's body. Kyle and his staff managed to save the man's life.

After Kyle walked out of the operating room, a younger teenager ran up to him. "Yo, Doc, will he be okay ? "the teenager asked.

" Yes, he will be okay, for now. Unless you stop your stupid, full of crap, gang war. Your friend got shot 5 times in his right hip and both of his shoulders were shot aswell. Your lucky if he'll be able to leave this hospital tonight and then die tomorrow. !!" Kyle said, very aggressively.

Then the gang member who shot the teenager's friend came in the hospital. " Doc, there he is ." the teenager said.

Kyle quickly rushed to the gang member with enraged fury. The gang member tried to reach to reach for his gun but Kyle slapped his hand away and the gun flew into the crowd of awaiting paitents.

"You're coming with me." Kyle snarled as he jerked the gang member and the teenager with him into the O.R.

They both looked with concern. " Do you see that ? Don't you and your gang members see what is going on in the real world ? " Kyle asked them. The two men didn't answer him. So he said, " How about you two go on home and think about it?!" Then he left the O.R.

His friend, Howard Fitzgerald ran up to him, " Man, that was intense."

" I know, Howard, plus that was very unethical for my part, as well. I'll probably be hearing from the board director of this place." Kyle said, as the ambulance rushed into the hospital. " Howard, get the O.R. ready." If it's another drive-by I'll scream...

Dr. Stevens and Howard checked to see whats goin on. " What do we have ? " Kyle asked one the EMT's .

" Guy was attacked by a punk in a monster costume at the Anaheim theatre. He has an nasty wound on his shoulder. It could lead to amputation. The guys who came with him said he also took several hits to the head and was physically thrown at least twice." the EMT told him.

" Give him 5 bags of blood and anesthetics. I'll be there after I check out these two guys." Kyle ordered them.

He noticed the two men being looked at by other EMTs were accompanied by a woman in her fourties and a teenage boy with blue hair. " Hello. I'm Dr. Kyle Stevens and how are you today ? " he asked them.

" Just fine, my husband and his friend were attacked by some beast at the Anaheim." Dana explained to him. "Every time I think I won't have to deal with that anymore I get proven wrong..."

Kyle thought it was a strange comment, but didn't feel it was his place to ask any more. He checked them out to make sure if there wasn't anything serious. " Your clear, folks, but I would like for you two to stay for observation overnight. The police will probably want you to clarify what happened plus call any other witnesses, as well. " Kyle told them.

"Overnight?!" Joey whined. "I don't know about you but I can't afford...."

Dana glared at both of them. "If that's what Doctor Stevens wants, then that's what will happen. My husband is quite well off, Doctor Williams, and he'll take care of any expense. Won't he?"

Venkman nodded and gave Joey one of those "What can you do?" looks.

Kyle nodded in agreement. "It's settled then." And then he left to go get ready to perform the corrective surgery.

" You know, Joey, I have never meet a doctor as respectful as he is." Peter commented.

"Yeah...pretty nice..." Joey paused for a moment. "Doctor Venkman?"

"I told you to call me Peter"

"What are we going to do about that guy? The Ravisher?"

Venkman pulled out his cel phone. "What else? I'm calling New York, getting Ol' Betsy, and toasting that jerk."

" Oh, no. You're not, Peter, you'll get yourself injured or killed !" shouted Dana.

"So, what, we just let the guy who skewered Jon get away with it?" Venkman retorted, an edge coming to his smooth voice. "He's your friend too--Oscar and Jessica play with his stepkids--and he may still not make it, even!!!"

"Peter, you're forty-eight years old!!!"

Venkman's Cheshire grin returned. "You're right. Maybe I am getting up in years. Maybe I'm not the one who has to collar this guy..." He looked at Joey. "Ghostbusters International might be looking to open a West Coast franchise soon, Doctor know any brave, witty parapsychologists who might want to run it?"

Joey Williams gasped. He couldn't believe what he just heard.

Jon Dennison was sent to the O.R. and Kyle was washing his hands to get ready, as well as his friend, Howard. They stepped in the O.R. " Give him the antibiotic shots and the anesthetics. Let's make this quick, Howard, this will take hours to do and I have two fussy cats to feed." Kyle said.

" Look at this, Kyle, this man is lucky that he didn't have this arm severed completely..." mentioned Howard.

" Right, but we can fuse the nerves and muscle tissue together." said Kyle. And so they began to operate on Mr. Dennison.

April 19,2003
"I await your orders, Lord Atrocity..." The Ravisher said, genuflecting before his master.

"I am afraid I cannot give you any more orders, Ravisher" Lord Atrocity responded. "You are a failure, and unworthy to serve Lord Anubis..."

"What!!!???" Ravisher responded. "I don't understand..."

"The one you said you'd kill is not dead."

Ravisher seethed. Damn them all...they must have saved him after all...

"It's a pity that I must now destroy you, after taking all of the effort to create you..."

"Wait, Lord Atrocity!!!" Ravisher pleaded. "You know I'm new at this Supernatural Assassin gig!!! Give me another chance--I will bring you Jon Dennison's heart, his literal, ripped-out-of-his chest heart!!! That will prove me to you and the Lord of Death!!! Please, I have to do this!!!"

Lord Atrocity seemed to contemplate the thought for a few seconds.

"Very well, Ravisher. But do not fail me this time..."

"I won't, My Lord...and thank you..."


With that, Ravisher took his leave. Now all I have to do is try and find who would know where he is?

Peter Kong cursed to himself. He realized he'd forgotten to bring his cell phone--he'd wanted to call Joey, to see how he was doing, then to tell Fritz and Jeremy that he was on his way to the hospital.

But then he realized he was in luck--only a couple blocks away was one of his favorite comic stores, the "Grand Collector"

He parked and went inside, to see a the guy he knew only as Jeff sorting out a stack of comics

"Jeff? You wouldn't happen to have a phone that I could use would you ? " he asked.

" Yeah. In the back." Jeff answered him.

Peter went into the back and started to dial the number he'd gotten from Chuck Sherwood...

Jeff, meanwhile, was reorganizing the Lupin III graphic novels when he noticed a form of black smoke circling around one of the bookshelves. " What the hell ?"

A jackal-headed monster wearing a hoodie appeared out of the portal.

"Great. Nerd paradise. I should've guessed." the monster yawned. Jeffrey stood there in fright and fear due to the fat that the monster didn't have hands.

The Ravisher glanced at the comics for a bit. " Bah ! Pure crap! How many teams of grimacing mutants in pointy chrome do you really need??!?" he yelled.

Peter hung up--Joey wasn't answering and there was too much yelling going on. "Hey, Jeff, I'm trying to put in a call to Stevens Point Hospital and could you and your customers please..." then he saw who was in the story. "Oh shit"

"Hey, just the guy I was lookin' for...Jonny's head monkey boy...Peter was it?" Ravisher grinned evilly.

" Hey, if you guys gonna argue take it out of my store. I swear it's like I'm trapped in a freaking cartoon." Jeff said to them.

" Buzz off, Creepy!!!" the Ravisher demanded while backhanding him. " So long, morons. Blabbermouth Petey told me what I needed to know anyway--I have a person to kill at Stevens Point Hospital ." he laughed. Then he vanished.

"Oh crap..." Peter cried.

"Dude, what the fuck was that?" Jeff asked.

"I think Doctor Venkman said he was a Class V Psychoreactive spectre..."

"Well duh, I could tell that...whoa, back up, did you say Venkman?" Jeff stopped, now looking at Peter with something approaching enthusiasm on his previously bored face.


"Time's a wastin' right? He said he was on his way to Stevens Point--and I doubt he's just going to drop off flowers and a sympathy card."

Stevens Point Hospital...
Kyle and Howard had completed the corrective neurotheraphy on Mr. Dennsion's shoulder. " He's still not responsive. But he's stable and on the life support." said Howard.

" I'm glad that this was over and yet we saved another one. That's 301 patients in the past 4 years. " boasted Kyle.

" Let's make it 300 saved patients and the loss of your job, Marcus Welby" a dark voice said behind them.

The life support systems had stopped and everything was getting cold.

Kyle and Howard turned to see who was behind them until they realized that the life support system was shut off.

" Why is this off ?!?" shouted Kyle.

" I don't know, Kyle, something very scary is going on here. " answered Howard, getting very nervous.

" The wire was cut !" shouted Kyle until he saw a shape talon rising through the operating table, the still beating heart of Jon Dennison clutched within it..

" Sweet merciful crap !!" yelled Howard as they both saw a form of smoke change into a jackal headed monster wearing a hoodie.

"I always said the scumbag never had a heart--and now he doesn't!" The Ravisher chuckled. Kyle found that only made the creature more horrifying.

" Muhahah! You have failed! My mission is completed ! Lord Atrocity will be pleased !!" The Ravisher laughed as he tried to make a quick get away but he hit his face with the O.R. doors.

"Oh God...oh God..." Howard was saying, in shock.

Kyle ran over to the operating table..."I've got to..." But what CAN I do?! He looked around and only saw Howard--the whole entire staff had seen that whole thing and they fled from the scene.

But thirty seconds later, the Director of Stevens Point Hospital, Johnny Weller, stormed in, clearly agitated. "STEVENS!!! I'm told you're out of surgery and I need to talk to you about that altercation with those gang punks, and..." he trailed off as the full scene penetrated his mind.

"What in God's name happened here?!?!"

Kyle suddenly realized how it looked...he was standing right next to the still warm corpse of Jon Dennison, a gaping hole in his chest.

"There was...a hoodie...I..."

Weller walked up to him and ripped the hospital ID badge off his chest. "A hoodie? I knew it--those gang punks you chewed out earlier came back for a little revenge, didn't they? And this poor man paid for it!!! You've given me more trouble with your sanctimonious Southern Gentleman crap since the day you were hired and this is the last straw:" Weller inhaled imperiously. " Dr. Kyle Stevens, your fired !!! You have one hour to clear any of your possessions out of here and vacate the premises--and be glad if I don't file a malpractice claim on behalf of the hospital!!!"

He turned to Howard. "Dr. Fitzgerald, you're the new Chief of Staff !" he yelled and ran out to the lobby.

Kyle just stood stunned, unable to speak.

"Kyle...I..." Howard stuttered. "I don't know what to say...I'll try and tell him what wasn't your fault...I..."

Kyle shook his head. "He'll never believe you, Howard. I'm not sure I believe it myself..." He put a hand on Howard's shoulder. "Let him believe it was a gang hit--I'm lucky enough he doesn't think I killed him."

Joey Williams and Peter Venkman, having just been discharged, had seen the whole hospital staff flood the lobby and ran out the exits. " What's happening here ?" asked Joey,very nervously.

" I don't know, Joey, I bet Old Navy and GAP most have a buy one, get one half off sale." smirked Peter until they both saw the Ravisher slinging the doors open.

The Ravisher let out a sinister laugh and he raised his right talon and showed them a heart still beating faintly, blood dripping to the floor. " You have failed !! Jon Dennison is now dead !!! My revenge is complete!!!" he said with his eyes glowing red as he approached them.

Venkman's right hand actually moved a foot towards his right shoulder.

"I should probably kill you both for interfering last night...and for being general pricks...but you're lucky: you're not on my list. Pray it stays that way."

With that, the Ravisher vanished.

"Crap in a hat..." Joey muttered.

Just about then, Peter Kong and Jeffrey Nash bounded into the hospital lobby. "Joey!!! Doctor Venkman!!!' Peter called. "The Ravisher..."

"Has already been here..." another voice said flatly. They turned to see Kyle Stevens, the fire and passion they'd seen last night now all but extinguished. But it seemed to come back just a bit as he looked up, studying the four men standing there for the first time. "What do you know about what just happened?"

"Um..." Peter Kong stammered.

"I think I have a right to know." Kyle stated with growing sternness. "I just got fired over it."

Joey got a strange twinkle in his eye. "Then maybe it's time to make lemonade, Doctor Stevens...I'm Joey Williams, and I have a proposition for you..."

The afternoon of April 20, 2003
Ghostbusters Central, New York City
The phone on the slightly messy reception desk started to ring. The little blonde girl, age four, sitting at the desk, looked up from the math game she was playing on the computer.

"Mother?" her tiny voice called.

Eden Marie Spengler, not seeing her mother, shrugged and picked it up., doing her best imitation of her maternal family's Brooklyn accent. "Ghostbusters Waddya Want?"

"Yeah, this is the President. There's a hundred foot monster that looks like Barney the Dinosaur eating the Washington monument and we need the Ghostbusters to come down and stop him."

The girl giggled. "Hello, Uncle Peter."

"Hey there, Sweetheart. Listen, your Dad or Uncle Ray around?"

"Uncle Ray's out at Toad Island with Eric, but Father is here...let me go get him!!!"

A few moments later, Professor Egon Spengler, came downstairs, both Eden and her twin brother Johnathan Christopher close behind.

"Peter? Everything fine in LA.? "

"No. Peter, I haven't seen the news in a few days--what happened?" Egon listened for a minute quietly, his face starting to become far more serious. John and Eden looked at each other--they knew that look.

"I agree with that idea, Peter. What are you needing from Ray and I?"

To Be Continued

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harnish and Vincent Belmont