Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File GBWC-2003-21/014
The clock struck midnight. A storm was forming around the city of LA.

A clasp of lighting flashed across an odd structure.

The structure recently cracked open and a rather large, bear-like creature appeared out of the structure.

" At last ! It has been too long for me to be away. I will have my revenge on the people's children !"

Then a vision of Herr Geistimann appeared in font of the Bugbear.

" Listen to me, Bugbear, I have released you from your dormant state. Anubis, my master, has sent me to tell you to bring fear amongst the children." he explained.

" Yes, I'll do it, Geistimann, but I want my revenge !" the Bugbear said.

" Excellent." Geistimann's voice stated as the vision went away.

So the Bugbear wandered through the woods until he approached someone's backyard.

" The Aberdeen's house." as he creeped to the side yard.

" I'll take a peek." he said, staring into the window. He saw a young boy sleeping in his bed.

The Bugbear scratched on the boy's window, while chanting his call, " Wake up, little boy, wake up. "

The boy didn't respond to his call.

" Crap ! Not strong enough yet. I'll have to find easier prey." The Bugbear said, while he tapped the window once more and left.

He went to the Aberdeen's neighbor's yard, the Robinson's .

Dale and Ervin Robinson were sleeping in their room until Dale saw the Bugbear tapping on the window.

" Dwell in fear, little boy, dwell in fear !" he said.

Dale grabbed his covers, chattering his teeth.

" Dale, keep quiet. I'm trying to sleep." Ervin cried out in his slumber.

Dale didn't respond to him.

" Man. whats going on ?" Ervin awoke and seeing his brother trembling and who was causing it.

" Holy Crap !" Ervin cried out as he and his brother screamed in fear.

Their fear was feeding the Bugbear as he felt the sensation flow through him.

" More fear." he urged them on.

The boys' parents came into their bedroom.

" Dale and Ervin Robinson, what is the meaning of waking me and your father up !" Mrs. Robinson yelled.

" We saw a monster outside our window." Dale told them.

" Dale, what are you talking about a monster in your window?" Mr. Robinson said, " That's impossible."

" Dale's telling the truth, Dad, if not then call Ghostbusters to check it out." Ervin told his dad.

The next morning , the Robinsons' made a phonecall to the GBWC.

At the base, the phones were ringing off the hook, of course, it was 6 a.m. and everyone was in bed.

Dr. Andy Harness answered the call.

" This better be good." he grumbled, " Hello, Ghostbusters: West Coast. This is Dr. Andy Harness, how can I help you ?"

Dr. Kyle Stevens and Micheal Chad awoke to listen to Andy's conversation to the customer.

Andy wrote down some of the things the customer told him.

" Here, Kyle, these are for you and Jeff to look up. I'm going to sleep again." he dosed off.

" Okay, Andy, I'll look it up as of now." Kyle told him, of course, Andy was dead asleep.

So Kyle got up and staggered into the kitchen, however he saw Dr. Fritz V. Baugh on the computer.

" Fritz, could you please let me use the computer for a moment ?" asked Kyle.

Fritz fixed his glasses to glance at Kyle.

" Just a moment, Kyle, I am installing a new upgrade for our Tobin Spirit Guide file."

After the upload was complete. Kyle searched on the computer for anything that wore green clothing and having a tall bear-like appearance but nothing was found.

Dr. Jeff Nash walked into the kitchen, wondering what Kyle was doing.

" Try a searched for fear-dwellers." he advised him.

So Kyle typed in the word fear dwellers.

" Here we go, Jeff, thanks with your help. We have found what is bugging the Robinson kids." said Kyle,clicking on the link.

Jeff leaned to the screen.

" 'Bugbear' ? Those are supposed to be in roleplaying games..." he mentioned. "I once had my paladin skewer one on a stick and parade it through the enemy camp..."

" They're also a relative of the Hobgoblin species. However, they look like werebears but they wear torn green clothing plus they'll sometimes carry an ax with them and they are huge in size." explained Kyle.

" Heavy stuff." Jeff said, while reading the weblink. "Hope it doesn't laugh like a hobgoblin..."

Later that day, the Northern team had got a call and were on their way the location of San Diego.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nathan " Otter" Masterson came into the kitchen.

" Hey, Nate, how's your morning going ?" asked Kyle.

" Pretty bust at the moment, Kyle, just working on the team's underwater scuba gear and underwater proton packs that you've asked for." he answered Kyle's question.

" Excellent, Otter, most excellent." Kyle said to him.

Jeff look at the address that Andy gave him.

" This looks strongly familiar.." Jeff thought for a moment.

Kyle glanced at the address.

" This is Chelsea's address !!" they both said in unison.

Then Chelsea Aberdeen, the GBWC's business manager, came into the kitchen.

" Hi, guys, what's up ?" she asked them.

" Not a whole lot, Chelsea, just looking for what is terrorizing these people in the L.A. District. " Kyle said , calmly.

Chelsea looked at the address that was written down.

" Okay, Kyle, the Robinsons are my neighbors..." Chelsea sparked. "What's going on here?"

" This thing is called, the Bugbear. It live off fear from kids, like the Bogeyman back in 1986." explained Kyle.

"The Robinsons have kids..." Chelsea said, looking concerned. "And my brother..."

The other members came from their rooms.

" Whats up, Doc?" Peter asked, munching on a carrot.

" Nothing. Just a bugbear tormenting some kids and Chelsea's little brother." said Kyle.

"Your brother lives in LA?" Peter asked. "I thought you and Fritz came from Indy..."

"Yeah. But I was born in Chicago--after my parents split up my Mom moved to Indianapolis, while my Dad met a lady from LA and married her. He moved out here and they had Scotty...technically my half-brother..." She paused for a second. "And now some thing's after him?"

" Don't worry about that, guys, I can hunt it down." boasted Andy.

" Chillax, guys, we'll bust this spook before supper." mentioned Chad.

So the members got dressed and grabbed everything from their lockers.

They loaded in the S.W.A.T. van and backed out of the drive way, heading to L.A.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the Robinsons' home.

The Ghostbusters got out of the Ecto-1S.

" Approach the door." said Kyle.

Jeff's PKE meter was going crazy with psychic energy readings.

" I've located negative readings from what seems to be at least a valence 4." Jeff said.

Peter Kong knocked on the door, but no one answered the door.

" Looks like no one's home." Peter told them.

However, when Peter looked away for a moment Mrs. Robinson opened the door, which hit Peter Kong on the left side of his head.

" Oh, my goodness! I'm sorry, Dear, please come inside." she told him.

The others walked in the Robinson's home, except for Kyle and Andy.

They both saw certain scratch patterns on the house's corner.

" I think I have seen this before, Doc." mentioned Andy.

" From what I have seen this is a mark of the Bugbear." Kyle told Andy.

Inside the Robinson's home, Jeff and Peter were talking to the kids about what they had seen last night.

" We were sleeping on our bunk-beds and then I heard something tapping on the window." Dale told them.

Peter talking like Bullwinkle, " Okay, everybody, chances are 10-1 that we'll actually attempt to capture this creature."

Jeff pondered at Peter for a few minutes.

" Peter, this is no time to play Rocky and Bullwinkle. We have an alleged beast to loom for." he smirked.

They sat in silence for a moment until there was a knock on the window.

Frightened, Peter grabbed his proton blaster and blasted the window as Jeff and the kids stared in shock.

Kyle and Andy arose from the smoking window.

" Nice shooting, Partner; me and Andy were doing a demonstration of what happened last night." explained Kyle.

" Kyle, before I go ape on Peter. I suggest that we check out the Aberdeen's place." Andy suggested.

He turned to Andy and stated, " I'd probably do the same thing too, Andy, he'd just had a fearful reaction."

At the Aberdeen's house, they investigated the haunting.

" Okay, Scotty-man, just chillax and tell Mr. Clutch what happend." Chad said to him.

" Well, Mr. Ghostbuster, I was asleep in my bed and then I heard something beating on my window. I woke up to see this awful monster standing by my window." Scotty told Chad.

However, outside the wind began to blow and the leaves rustled on the ground until the dogs begun to bark and howl at whatever was in the woods.

The Bugbear was there in Scotty's backyard.

Peter was in the parents' room, using the bathroom until he heard the dogs barking so he looked outside and saw the Bugbear standing behind a tree.

" Guys, we have company at 6 o' clock." Peter's voice said over the flushing toilet.

" I'm not ready to do this; I want you, guys, to know that." Kyle told them.

So they went out to different parts of the house to flank the Bugbear.

Andy went to the left side of the house to get a closer view of the monster.

" Guys, this monster is huge." Andy radioed in.

" Right, we'll flank him on the left and right side while someone will charge him in the middle." Kyle answered back.

So Kyle, Andy, and Chad ran towards the Bugbear, blasting at it.

However, the monster grabbed Kyle and Andy , slamming them into each other. He managed to knock them out.

Then he grabbed Chad and thrashed into a tree, knocking him out.

The Bugbear grabbed them all and dragging them to the front yard.

Peter and Jeff met up in the front yard.

" Have you seen the others ?" asked Peter.

" I don't know. I think the Bugbear got them." Jeff said.

The Bugbear walked to the side of the house as Jeff and Peter turned to see it.

" Catch." its evil voice told them, while throwing the semi-conscious teammates at them both, thus knocking the wind out of Jeff and Peter.

The Bugbear tied the Ghostbusters with his magical powers.

" I suppose you want to know why I am doing this?" he asked them.

" They took off Carebears and you've decided to scare little kids to pleasure yourself?" smirked Andy.

"HAHA ! Silence, human, the parents entrapped me for years until Herr Geistimann released me and now I'll have my revenge tonight!" the Bugbear explained.

However, inside the house, Scotty saw what was going on so he decided to help out.

" Hey, Carebear, you don't scare me." he said and he shot his middle finger at the monster.

The Bugbear's eyes widen with shock.

" Don't you DARE flip me off !" he bellowed at Scotty.

" You don't scare me !" he shouted, while giving the Bugbear the double-finger.

This enraged the monster even more so he came closer to put the fear into Scotty.

However, he was ignoring the dazed Ghostbusters and his magical powers were weakening, allowing them to break free.

" He's weakening , guys, now's our chance to break free." Kyle said.

Just in time--the Bugbear was closing on Scotty.

Andy grabbed his proton blaster, tapping the monster on his shoulder.

The Bugbear turned to around to see Andy standing behind him.

" El Nino'." Andy taunted him, while striking the Bugbear's chin with his proton blaster.

He staggered back, stunned and shocked from the blow that he received.

" Why you little ! " he bellowed at them.

" On 3." Peter said.

" 3 !" they all said, in unison as the team blasted the Bugbear.

" Jeff, throw the trap." Andy ordered.

Jeff threw the trap underneath the Bugbear and pressed the footswitch.

The trap's doors slowly opened and its vortex sucked the Bugbear into the trap's chamber and closed itself within a few seconds.

The next morning, the Ghostbusters made sure that there wasn't any more bugbear cases or nests in the area.

" It's all clear." said Jeff, looking at his PKE meter.

" Thank you, Ghostbusters." James Aberdeen applauded them. The Ghostbusters had been previously informed that Chelsea took a lot more after her mother, but they recognized the same look of concern and relief in his face as they'd seen in hers. Scotty looked a lot more like him--albeit a younger, skinnier version without a mustache. Aberdeen's second wife, Clara, was at least ten years younger than him, and Scotty had her dark hair.

" Anytime, fellas, we love our job." boasted Peter.

The Robinson and the Aberdeen family commended the Southern GBWC team for their great work. "I just wonder why that Fritz guy I hear so much about couldn't be bothered..." Aberdeen said, half-joking.

"He didn't know about this." Peter answered truthfully. Chelsea's already told them not to mention it to him until she did first.

"He's probably afraid of you, Pop..." Scotty chuckled.

" See ya, kids." Chad told them, while getting in the passenger side.

Kyle gave them a card so they could contact them.

So the Ghostbusters got into the Ecto 1S and drove off.

On the way home, Kyle pulled out a ghost bomb that Otter built and tossed it in Martha Stewart's home.

" Kyle, that's the third time this week." Andy told him.

" I know but I enjoyed watching her spirit vanish into the window." he said.

They all laughed as they drove the Ecto-1S back to the base.

The End

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harness and Vincent Belmont