Filed by Jason Knetge, GBWC
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2007-25/325

October 2007
Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year Twenty-Five
GBWC HQ 3:00 AM .
The Shadowy silhouette of a man moved about the garage of the GBWC QH late at night . As large tightly packed burlap sack was set by the lockers as they were emptied one by one . The garage door was silently opened as the man flung the sack over his shoulder and walked out and headed down the street .
GBWC HQ 9:30 AM .
Fritz and Chelsea stood at the entry way of the garage door as they talked to the police . " When my men told me what happened that's when I called you . "

The officer scribbled down some notes and scratched at his mustache. " And you are sure no one saw anything ? "

Fritz removed his glasses as he rubbed his head and nodded , " Yeah "

Chelsea hugged her one month old daughter Abigail to her . " Well there is a chance Rachel could have seen something. She is usually up at night cleaning. " Chelsea then looked around a bit . " It's just that we haven't seen her here, "

At that moment Rachel came floating in from outside giving a long stretch as she did .

" Rachel Where have you been? " asked Chelsea

Rachel gave a groggy look over to the officer. " I was out at a ghost bar having a few It's not a crime you know. I may look under age but I'm much older than any of you. " She staggered back a bit. "

" So you weren't here? " Asked the officer who only seemed a little unfazed talking to a ghost.

" No I was not. " stated Rachel with a half lidded look. ĎI don't see why you guy had to call the cop. I mean I'm allowed a night out ....'

Fritz cut her off " We were robbed! ."

Rachel suddenly sobered up . " Robbed?"

" Yeah " replied Fritz . " We where sort of hoping that you where here last night and may have seen something . "

" So much for that " added Chelsea .

Rachel look at the ravaged mess strewn about and let out a sigh " Looks like I'm going to need another drink after this mess " She then floated off to the closet with the cleaning supplies.

Over by the lockers, Mick, Jeremy and Aidan where looking to see just what of their stuff was taken.

Mick slammed the door as hard as he could " Son of a bitch ! Not only did that ass hole take my spare uniform he also took my keys. "

Aidan pulled his head out of his locker and looked over at Mick's Charger. " He took your keys but not you car? That sounds a bit odd " He then went back to looking in his own locker " and you're not the only one who's uniform is missing. "

Jeremy slumped back on the bench of the bench "Same here guys. "

" You too ?" Asked Aidan .

Jeremy nodded his head " To tell you the truth I don't want to be here when Jeff comes back from NS. He's going to be pissed "

The other two shuddered a bit not looking forward to it .

A second younger officer came walking back over to Fritz and Chelsea , note pad in hand " Well I've taken everyone's one statement " . He flipped over some pages. " Everyone has reported several miscellaneous items along with some uniforms. "

" Don't forget my stuff " yelled Otter from the back of the garage.

The officer rolled his eyes " Also some less than savory magazines, but thatís just the small stuff ." His voice became serious " Apparently you are missing a Pack and several of your traps and so called N-sabers as well as several company computers . "

Chelsea let out a gasp and stepped closer to her husband . " Oh no! "

The officer then gave Fritz and Chelsea a stern look " Now are you sure there isn't anything else you may want to tell us? "

Fritz stiffened a bit " What do you mean? We have told you all we know ".

The officer looked over at Fritz then looked over at his partner with the mustache. " Well itís just that I've looked this place over and there is no sign of forced entry and the perp seemed to know exactly where everything was . "

Chelsea felt Fritz's arm tremble as he did his best to suppress his rage despite the irritation in his voice. " Are you accusing one of my men of stealing our own stuff? "

" I never said that " Replied the officer. " and don't take that tone with me. You may have some friends in the violent crimes division, But ..."

The younger officer was interrupted by his partner with the mustache "OK , man why don't you call it into the station? " He gestured to the squad car then turned to Chelsea and Fritz as his partner walked off .

Fritz pushed up his glasses " I don't need to tell you how dangerous our equipment is. Right now someone is running around with it dong how know what. "

"We are going to look into it Dr. Baugh " He then tuned to head back to his partner . " We will let you know if anything comes up ."

Chelsea watched the officer drive off then turned to her husband " Fritz should we be concerned about that computer? . Can't they get access to the GBI data base? ." She hugged her daughter one more time .

Fritz draped a reassuring arm around her . " Well yes but our stuff is heavily encoded . Only the members of our staff have access. He's probably going to just sell it for parts. And if he did, Otter installed some things what would wipe it . "

He then made his way back to his office with her " I'm more concerned about our equipment being out there on the streets, that is the top priority . "

In a dark room of an abandoned home a stuffed duffel bag was tossed over by a blinking proton pack and traps. The room and home was devoid of any furnishings save for a chair and desk with a computer monitor illuminating the room . The Ghostbusters International logo was displayed on the screen with a long-in spot under it.

A black gloved hand typed on the keyboard as a shadowy man sat back in the chair. Smoke wafted out of the grin that formed on his green transparent face as the screen flashed Access Granted.

The end?
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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harnish and Vincent Belmont

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