A Ghostbusters West Coast/ Bloodrayne Crossover

Filed by Dr. Kyle Stevens, South Team Co-Captain
GBI Case File No. GBWC-2004-22/002

Castle Gradstandt, Germany....1938.
A German officer was running away from her. She was fast as leopard and nimble as a fox.

" No, stay away from me !!" the officer shouted, tripping from his own fear from her.

The girl grabbed the officer. " Where is Jurgen Wulf ? " she demanded to know.

She raise her blade to his chest....ready to stab the officer.

" He's in there." the officer pointed out for her to see.

" Thanks....for the help." she told him as she stabbed him to death with her blades on both her wrists.

She ran to the cathedral, jumping through the window and killing some soldiers that were near by.

Once, she ran into the main hall...she saw Jurgen Wulf and Hedrox, a leader of a ancient race of vampires.

" Ah...Rayne, so nice of you join us." Hedrox's voices echoed in unison.

" Give me the heart, Hedrox." Wulf demanded.

" No...." Hedrox said, " Hedrox knows the secret. Here's a present for your collection, Rayne."

He tossed her a name file so she could add to her target list.

" OberLieutenant Bogue." Rayne read the name on the file.

Hedrox threw the heart in the pit.

" Hedrox feels the heart's is powerful." he said.

A flame of fire shot out from the pit and Beliar, the Aryan devil god appeared from the flames.

" What have you done with Hedrox...?" he asked.

" There is no more Hedrox ! BELIAR IS REBORN AGAIN !!"his evil voice said, while setting Hedrox on fire, killing him and his two copies of himself.

" Both of you have something I want." Beliar told them.

" You're gonna have to come get it." Rayne told him.

Beliar came towards Wulf, who fired a few shots at Beliar and swiftly ran off.

Rayne somehow knew that the demon's weakness was his heart.

So she grabbed the dead soldiers guns and used her " extruded view" to zoom in a snipe attack on Beliar.

The demon turned to Rayne and launched its talons at her.

Rayne dodged the attack and opened a few series of shots that hit Beliar's heart , stunning him.

She shot his heart again and again until Beliar was sucked back into his heart and entrapped.

Rayne adjusted her chest and gave the fallen Beliar's heart the middle finger.

Wulf quietly walked beside the staircase.

Rayne turned around, sneering at him.

Wulf tried to pick up a gun but Rayne fired a few shots at him and Wulf was hit by the bullets.

A tiny sword or knife that belonged that Mynce, Rayne's friend that was killed by Wulf, had fell onto the floor.

" That was for Mynce." she told him.

" How pathetic ! Doesn't your dead friend deserve more than that ?" Wulf asked her.

Rayne charged up her bloodrage and charged towards him.

The instant she got close to Wulf she used her bloodrage attacks on him.

She sliced off both his arms and then beheaded him.

As Wulf's head rolled around on the floor. The eye of Beliar rolled out of his head.

Rayne gave him the double-finger, while she walked up to Belair's heart and the heart itself stopped beating . So she knocked it down into the pit.

" It's over." she said as she walked off.

Kaiserslautern, Germany.....2004.
Rayne was searching for the grave of Jurgen Wulf. She had gotten word from her commander that he and his G.G.G.( Gegengeistgruppe or Anti-ghost group) members were spotted walking out of their graves in search of the heart of Beliar.

Rayne kidnapped his relative, Kris Sigmund Wulf.

" What do you want from me ?" he asked her.

" I want you to tell me where the grave of Jurgen Wulf is located ." Rayne told him.

" Why should I tell you ?" Kris questioned her again.

Rayne lifted her blade to his face.

" Don't make me kill you ." she warned him.

He confessed to where the grave of Jurgen Wulf was located.

" Thank you, Kris, but I am entirely sorry to do this." she told him.

" What ...? No...please don't kill me...! " he yelled in fear.

" Now this will only hurt for a minute." Rayne said him as she sank her teeth into his neck.

Wulf's went limp and his heart slowly stopped beating.

" Quiet, Baby, what would the neighbors think ?" she laughed as she headed towards the grave of Jurgen Wulf.

When she made to the graveyard. She looked around for the tombstone.

" Here is it is..! Jurgen Wulf's grave." she said to herself.

" What the hell !" she exclaimed, as Jurgen Wulf's arm burst through the ground and he slowly raised himself out of his grave.

" Hello...Rayne." he greeted her as the deceased members of the G.G.G rose from thir graves, as well.

" Not good." Rayne said as she back away to defend herself from them.

" Foolish girl ! I told you I couldn't be defeated that easily !" Mauler told her, while double punching her in her face.

Rayne fell down covering herself as the G.G.G. members ganged up on her. She tried to fight back but she was totally out numbered by the them.

" Throw her into the river." Dr. Bathory " Butchress" Mengele told Kommando to do.

So he threw Rayne's body into the river and watched her body sank to the bottom.

" We have a relic to find." Wulf told them.

Los Angeles, California 8:55 am...
. Rayne's body had washed to shore and she was starving. The moment she stood up she saw a jogger run beside her so she threw her harpoon at him.

When the harpoon hit the jogger he scream in pain but was yanked towards toward Rayne.

She mounted him as she bit and sucked the blood from his body.

After she hid the body she walked out ino the city and she saw the GBWC sign.

" A paranormal elimination group ? I wonder if they'll help me out." she thought to herself.

GB Central West......
Dr. Kyle Stevens and Peter Kong were trying to install a satellite dish on the roof.

" Okay, Kyle, move 5 feet away to hook up the wire connectors." Peter told him.

When Kyle moved 5 feet away from him, he fell off the roof and landed inside a dumpster.

" Maybe it's 3.5 feet away to connect the wire connectors." Peter said looking up and not seeing anyone there.

" Kyle, where are you ?" he asked.

" I'm down here !" Kyle called out, while yanking the cord and pulling Peter off the roof.

He managed to land in the same dumpster with Kyle, but they didn't know that Joey and Fritz had seen the whole thing.

" Man, this weather over here is driving people crazy." Joey commented.

However, they had gotten a call, and the GBNWC team went out to the bust.

So Kyle and Peter climbed out the dumpster and walked inside.

Jeff and Chelsea saw them covered in trash.

" I take it that it didn't go all to well." Jeff deadpanned.

" You're right, Jeff, it didn't go all to well. I'm going to take a shower." Kyle told Jeff.

So Kyle and Peter went to their rooms to take their showers.

After they got out, there was a phone call and Chelsea answered the call.

" Hey, guys, we got one !!" she yelled, while setting the alarm.

The Ghostbusters got dressed and loaded their equipment inside the Ecto-1S.

Chelsea gave them the address and the team sped out of the driveway.

On the road....
" Okay, guys, where are we going ?" Andy asked them.

" We're going to the 'Bathory Roseport'." Jeff said, " It's a small time modern day vampire coven. I know the owner of the place."

"Vampire coven?!" Chad repeated, spraying the windshield with Bud. "Tell me you're kidding."

"It's not real vampires." Jeff clarified, rolling his eyes. "Role players who like to pretend they've vampires. 'Masquerade' and all that. I hang out with them from time to time..."

" So that explains your creepy appearance." laughed Andy.

" If you say so, Hillbilly Jim." Jeff smirked, " We're almost there."

Bathory Roseport....
The Ecto-1S parked to the curve and everyone loaded out of the vehicle.

" Okay, everyone, listen up. We're following all rules, so let's be professionals about this bust...and let's kick some undead ass." Andy told them.

" Um....well put , Andy." said Kyle, " I'll go first."

So he walked through the doorway as the others watched him walk in.

" Anyone care to wager how fast he'll get thrown out ?" asked Andy.

" No betting on how fast I'll get thrown out !" Kyle radioed in.

The owner of the place, Gen Brown, walked up to Kyle.

" Hello, Mortal, I am Gen Brown, the owner of Bathory Roseport. Are you here to eliminate the problems we're having ?" she asked him.

" Yes, Ms. Brown, I'm Dr. Kyle Stevens, of the GBWC and the others are outside." he said to her.

" Hey, team, you can come inside." Kyle radioed in to them.

The team had entered the place and they investigated the area thoroughly.

" I've got a mass on my PKE meter." Jeff told him, " Guys, this is nothing I have seen before."

"Maybe the guys at the club really are vampires..." Chad joked, drawing a stern look from Kyle.

" Where's is the disturbance at, Ms. Brown ?" asked Kyle.

" The disturbance happened on the upper and middle floors." she told him.

" Okay.....I want you and everyone else to exit the building, so there's no accidents on the job." Kyle told her.

They waited for everyone to leave the building and two of them went to the middle floors, as the other three went to the upper floors.

Andy and Jeff looked around for a moment until Jeff's PKE meter went crazy.

" Something's here, but what could it be ?" he asked himself.

Andy switched on the lights and they both saw several dead bodies.

" Sweet merciful damnations ! What happened here !?!?" Andy shouted.

" Looks like a biological mutations of the bodies, but what would have caused this ?" Jeff said, very puzzled.

They both stepped forward to investigate the area, but this spider-like monster was creeping down from the rafters and standing in front of the doorway.

" Andy, did you ever the strange felling that something is behind us. ? " Jeff asked him.

" No, Jeff, but let me guess there's something behind us, right ?" Andy replied.

Jeff checked his PKE meter and noticed this creature's reflection in the glass.

" Not good." Jeff said, quietly.

" What's wrong with you, Creepy ?" Andy asked him, while seeing the same thing Jeff did.

The monster behind them let out a huge roar, which did them scared stiff.

" Don't turn around or make a sound." Jeff said, just as another spider monster fell down from the rafters in front of them.

" *Sign* I think this has gone to bad to worse." Andy mentioned.

Upper Floors.....
Kyle, Peter, and Chad witness the same thing as Jeff and Andy did.

" Yo, man, this wasn't part of the agreements, Kyle !" Chad said, frightened.

" How do I always get us involved in crap like this ?" Kyle questioned himself.

They were surrounded by three spider monsters, and they were ready to attack them.

" Hey, guys, look there's a crack on the floor. Ward them off and I'll drive at the crack." Kyle told them.

Chad and Peter both shot at the monsters, while Kyle dove into the crack and the floor caved in, pulling everyone into the middle floors.

Some of the rafters managed to smash one of the spider monsters, however, Kyle was a little banged up from doing this stunt.

Andy and Jeff took out the two of the monsters.

" Seems like proton particles can work on them." Jeff deadpanned.

Peter Kong was attacked, but he managed to kill the monster.

" Take that, Jerkoff !" Peter shouted, while the last one came towards him.

The monster was killed by Chad, who rushed to the aid of Peter.

" Thanks, Chad." Peter said to him.

" Guys, there's still another presence here....something big." Jeff told them.

" It looks like a lymph tissue or a nest above us." Kyle said , glacing at the PKE meter, " However, it appears to be dying."

He watched for a moment , while the readings were getting faint and slowly dying off.

" It must have produced too many spider monsters at one time or that dive I did must have torn it up completely." Kyle suggested.

" How did it go ?" Gen asked them, very concerned.

" It went okay, but Kyle was the one that crashed through a crack on the upper floors." Andy told her.

"Anything else I should be aware of..?" she asked.

Jeff jumped in and replied, "Nothing...unless you count the spider monsters that came from this nest above between the rafters."

" The maraisreqs..." Gen said quietly.

" Swamp monsters ?" Kyle questioned, very curiously.

" Yes, that's what the Creole called them and they built a huge wall, calling the Wall of Fortitude in 1888." Gen mentioned.

Kyle quietly said, " I remember reading about it back at Jefferson State College."

" Fascinating." Gen said with interest in the Ghostbuster.

However, Chad went up to get some samples from one of the dead maraisreqs to bring to Fritz.

" Okay, who wants to start the bill for this bust ?" asked Andy.

They stood silently until they all looked at Kyle.

" Why is everyone staring at me ?" he asked them.

" We want you to make the bill for this bust." Andy replied.

" Andy, you know I'm not good at making the bill, I'm not a people person." Kyle told him.

Andy handed him the pen and paper, as he watched Kyle walk over to Gen.

" Excuse me, Miss Brown, I would like to discuss the bill with you." he told her.

" Sure, how much would that be ? " she asked him, while watching him write out the payment.

" Since our case is semi-complete. I will charge you half price, which will be 2,500 dollars." Kyle told her.

Gen got out her checkbook, wrote the payment down, and handed the check to Kyle.

" Thank you, and a pleasure of doing business with you." he smiled at her.

" Not a problem." she told him, while watching the Ghostbuster walk into the Ecto-1S.

They drove off and went back to the base, not knowing that they were being followed by Rayne.

GB Central West.....
Everyone loaded out of the van, while outside Rayne appeared in front of the building.

" I'm here..." she said to herself.

So she walked into the front door and didn't see anyone there.

" Hello ? Anyone here ?" she asked, " Dammit."

However, Rayne had heard footsteps and a person complaining.

She hid behind the Ecto-1S, watching the person come down the steps.

It was Andy taking out the trash.

" Jeff owes me big time for this." he grunted, tossing the bags on the ground.

" That's the last of them." Andy said again as he walked into the garage.

Rayne saw the moment to seize Andy to gain information from him, so she swiftly moved behind him, and grabbing him.

" Where is Dr. Joey Willaims ?" she asked him, aggressively.

" He's in Butte, Montana...I think." he told her, but she placed her wristblade against his throat.

" Don't make me kill you. Tell me where he is." she demanded to know.

" I just told you. He's in Butte, Montana. I think it was a family emergency." Andy told her again.

Just then, Peter and Chad walked out to see what was taking Andy so long to get back from taking the trash out.

" What the hell is that ?!?!" asked Peter, in shock.

" Guys, get her off me !" Andy shouted, as the vampire jumped on his body, wrapping her legs around him.

Andy staggered to keep his balance, but it wasn't enough for them to stand on the steps, so they fell to the ground.

" Stupid human !" Rayne yelled as she threw Andy on top of the Ecto-1S.

Andy screamed in pain, because he landed in same place as Jeff did, during a bust a few months ago.

Peter and Chad ran towards her, however she grabbed Chad and threw him into Peter, which made them hit the wall.

A few minutes later, Rayne ran up the stairs to see if anyone was upstairs. She motioned inside the kitchen, where she was nailed in the face with a frying pan by Kyle, who heard the noise from downstairs.

Jeff managed to slip past her to strap on his proton pack, while she staggered and fell to the floor.

Kyle leaned over to take a look her, but Rayne's eyes popped open.

Bathory Roseport.....
The owner, Gen had felt a familiar presence in her senses.

" She has returned." she thought to herself and so she left the Bathory Roseport.

Castle Gradstandt, Germany.....
Jurgen Wulf and his G.G.G. members were in search of Beliar's heart.

" Mauler, pull the vent out of the ground, so Kommando can search for the heart. Gosler, how are you plans of rebuilding the ' Supertank' ?" he said.

He looked at him and answered, " It is almost done, sir, but I have to rewire the whole system."

A few minutes later, Mauler pulled the vent out of the ground, placing it aside so Komanndo could jump inside the pit to search for the heart.

The "Butcheress" helped Kammando out of the pit, noticing the heart barely beating.

" Wulf, the heart of our great leader is beating, just barely." Von Blut told him.

Wulf, with a pleased tone in his voice said, " Yes,...the heart of Beliar still beats....his heart is still alive !! Beliar will be reborn again through me and all those that tremble bow down to me !!!!"

However, they were unaware that they were being watch by a mysterious figure above the mountains.

His laughter went unheard, as he said " Soon the heart will be mine."

GBWC Base......
Kyle and Jeff were the only ones standing side by side against this new foe that they just have encountered.

Rayne stood there for a moment waiting for one of them attack her .

" I'll go for her, Jeff, don't worry about me for the moment." Kyle said, bravely.

He ran towards her trying to grab her, but she flipped sideways to counter Kyle's attack.

She tried to swipe him with her wristblades, coming inches and inches to his arms and throat.

He managed to dodge some of her attacks, until she wrapped both his arms around his head and slamming him into the concrete.

" Tell me do I look fat ?" she giggled, turning towards Jeff.

" Damn." he quietly said, as he watched Rayne jumped to the rafters above the entrance way to the kitchen.

Jeff searched for her for a few seconds, until she dove towards him.

He tried to move, but he lost his balance and his grip, which made his proton blaster shoot a stream at her, thus knocking her back.

Kyle, staggering from getting slammed onto the concrete, was standing in Rayne's way; they both collided into each other.

" Umm...opps." Jeff said, quietly as he watched for any movement from either one of them.

Rayne moved first, just when Kyle slid underneath her laying on the floor.

" I'll get you later, that's if you're still alive." she said, looking down at Kyle, who was probably knocked out or playing dead.

Jeff stood in his shooting stance, waiting for her to attack.

However, before they both could move, a voice shouted, " No ! Stop this at once !"

They turned around to see who was behind them, it was Gen Brown, the owner of the Bathory Roseport, standing inside the building.

" Gen, is that you ?" Rayne asked her.

" Yes, Rayne, it is me. It's been a long time since we've seen each other."

They both approached, so they could greet each other, while the Ghostbusters recovered from Rayne's attack.

Kyle, on the other hand, was the last to get up after laying there for several moments.

" So glad you could join us, Dr. Stevens." Jeff joked with him.

Kyle sat up to take a look around to see what was going on, but he just found his cat, Maggie laying on his chest and his other cat, Mr. Whiskers laying on Gen's lap, who was watching over him.

" Greetings, Kyle." she said to him, as she motioned for Jeff to leave the room so they could be alone.

She placed Mr. Whiskers down on the chair and approached him.

Kyle watched for a moment, which made him kind of shy and nervous for someone to approach him, especially when he was in bed.

" Don't be shy, Dr. Stevens, I'm only checking to see if you have any injuries or any damage to your body." she told him.

She placed her palm on his forehead to see if there was anything wrong with him, but she didn't find anything wrong or damaged in his body.

" You're a dhampir ?" Kyle asked her, softly.

" Yes, I am a dhampir, Dr. Stevens, Rayne is one, as well." she told him.

Rayne walked into the room.

" Will he be okay ?" she asked about him.

" He'll be fine." Gen told her.

" You're not going to turn me are you ?" Kyle asked.

Gen, with a grim look on her face replied, " Of course not, Kyle, I'm merely here to help you out as soon as I can." as she rubbed hand on his forehead.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the other Ghostbusters members were sitting at the dinner table discussing their new arrivals, Gen and Rayne.

" So let me get this straight, people, you have been around since the early or mid 1930's fighting the Nazis and everything else, but yet the group called the G.G.G. is still around ?" Andy asked Rayne.

" No, I first killed them years ago, but somehow they came back to life and attacked me. The G.G.G. or ' Gegengeistgruppe', which mean Anti-ghost group were formed to aid the Germans in WW2 and they were all experimentally enhanced. They were looking for relics that were apart of Beliar." she explained to them.

" Beliar, the devil in Aryan mythology and also somewhat involved with Atlantis. Plus according to legend that he was ripped into thousand pieces and dumped into sea, while others say that he was one of the greatest Aryan leaders to some Thule priests, but actually he's considered to be a devil in modern times." Kyle said from within his bedroom.

Everyone went quiet for a moment, sort of impressed from that they have heard from Dr. Stevens's information.

" I've always wondered why he doesn't talk that much. He's like another Fritz in the house." smirked Andy.

"He must have been sneaking off to some pretty interesting elective classes in Med School..." Jeff agreed.

" There's more, guys, I was once sent to South America and there were these things called 'Deamites'. They were servants or possibly guardians of Beliar." she added to the conversation.

" Deamites were last reported in 1938. They had really soft bodies that could squeeze themselves into thier victim's mouth and secrete digestive enzymes from their skin to eat the brain, which they use to control the body like a puppet. Also the victim's head will pop off and reveal the Deamite's head instead." Kyle explained, while walking into the kitchen.

" Does he do that often ?" Rayne asked, with a stern look on her face.

" That's the first time we've seen he do that." Jeff replied, " He's the ' Keymaster in ghostly information' to the team."

" I take it from what Rayne had seen of the G.G.G. were solid manifestations that recurred or were brought back to life by a great power." Peter jumped in.

" Yo, guys, if it's solid manifestations we could dealing something similar to the M. Jackson werewolf or the Scorpion case, right." Chad mentioned to them.

" Good points from both of you, however, I feel that they were probably summoned by a greater power." Rayne told them.

Jeff arosed from his seat and went into Dr. Nathaniel "Otter" Masterson's laboratory.

" Good gosh ! Jeff's a zombie to feast on our brains !" Otter said, playfully.

" And I mainly go after men with blue sideburns and funky parachute pants." Jeff teased him.

" Don't go there, Jeff, I just got these yesterday." he mentioned.

" How are the ectoplasmic stun grenades coming along ?" Jeff asked him.

" They should be done, Jeff, I've been working on them all night. These things are like looking directly into a blowtorch without wearing goggles. You will go blind for a short time if you look straight into the blast they make." Otter explained.

" Awesome." Jeff said, " Anything else you're working on, Nate ?"

" How to cut my hand and replacing it with a chainsaw, like Ash from the Evil Dead series." Otter replied, as they both laughed.

So Jeff left the laboratory, and walked into the kitchen.

" Okay, guys, these are the new weaponry that might aid us in conflict with the G.G.G., they're called ectoplamic stun grenades, which will be known as E.S.G. for short, they have highly concentrated positronic ectoplasmic filterization units that will produce a bright display of light that stun them for short while so we can capture them." Jeff explained.

" One question, Creepy, how are we supposed to get to Castle Gradstandt on a plane or boat without getting these grenades detected ?" asked Andy.

" I'll deal with that." Rayne said, " I worked for the US before and I think that they owe me for my services for WW2."

Kyle went into his room to think to himself, until he saw Gen walk into his bedroom.

" Yes ?" he asked her.

" Kyle, do you believe in true love ?" Gen asked him.

" Yes, Gen, I do think there is a bond of a special relationship, which can be true to the fact that there is a feeling that can be described as "true love". he replied to her.

" Dr. Kyle Stevens, I am in love with you. I felt this feeling about you ever since you busted the maraisreqs from my Bathory Roseport. Do you think that we could have a relationship ?" she asked him.

Kyle, with a honest tone in voice replied, " Yes, Gen, I think that it is safe to say that we can."

They both motioned towards each other, while gazing into each others eyes they began to kiss passionately.

That moment was stopped when Rayne knocked on the door.

" Gen, its time to go. They are here." she said.

So they both walked of the bedroom and they were greeted by one of the agents who was sent to aid Rayne during this mission.

Everyone boarded into the private plane, heading to Castle Gradstandt, Germany.

" We'll arrive there in 9 hours at the most." Rayne told them.

" This interesting , folks, Castle Gradstandt has a history of having vampiric activity since the early B.C. period. These typed of vampires are an unknown race, yet they have evolved into a perfect race of killers. The leader, is known as Hedrox, who was said to be infinite, which is anyone cut him, he could make copies of himself." Kyle explained., " They also have a claw-like appendages that can eat the human mind to steal information from them, plus they look like bats, as well."

" Very well noted, Kyle, but I have fought Hedrox before and I'm duly noted that he is pretty much dead." Rayne told him.

" That's according to whose telling." Agent Brownwolf told her.

" What ?!?!" Rayne exclaimed, " I saw him die with my own eyes and Beliar set his body on fire."

" Not according to our spies." he told her, " Here the pictures that they've took of him and the G.G.G."

Rayne glanced into the file and the pictures that were placed in it.

" Wulf has plans to cut out his own heart and replacing it with Beliar's." Brownwolf said, " One of the spies managed to hear one of their conversations and reported it back to us."

Castle Gradstandt, Germany....9 hours later.
" Behold the heart transformation is complete....soon I will have the powers of Beliar !" Wulf exclaimed.

" Sir, there is a spy jet hovering over us." The Butcheress said.

" Send the team after them." Wulf told her.

The G.G.G. watched this spy jet hovering over them as they watched this group parachute to the ground several yards away from them.

D. Mauler, Von Blut, and Kommando went out to search and destroy this team that landed several yards away from them.

Rayne and GBSWC team threw off their parachutes and waited to see if anyone was going to approach them.

" Wait and see." Rayne told them, as she sensed three of the G.G.G. were coming their way.

Andy and Jeff peeped to see a huge, muscular man, a Thule Priest, and special ops commander standing a few feet away from them.

" Okay, guys, those appear to be solid manifestations so our proton packs won't zap and trap them, but they will harm them a small bit." explained Andy, switching his blaster for full stream.

Everyone waited for a few moments before they attacked the three G.G.G. members.

" Come on out, intruders, we know your here. What's the matter afraid to face us ?" Mauler taunted them.

" This guy is pissing me off." Andy said, angrily.

They listened for any footsteps, but they didn't realize that Hedrox was there watching everyone from the trees.

However, he decided to attack the three G.G.G. members.

" Come on out, cowards !" Mauler shouted until he saw Hedrox flying towards him and his two partners.

Hedrox swiped at his face, which scratched his cheek.

" Uguh !" Mauler whined in pain, " Foolish move, Hedrox ! I'll show you Aryan superiority !"

" Hedrox wants the heart" he sneered at him.

" Hedrox, Wulf has replaced his heart with Beliar's heart....he will soon have all power of our great leader." Mauler laughed, punching Hedrox into his sternum, which sent him flying into a tree.

" That's it, folks, I've heard enough." Andy said, " Creepy, cover me."

So they rose up and fired a full stream shoot at Von Blut and Kommando, the force had knocked them back a few feet away from them.

Mauler grabbed Hedrox and threw him 10 feet away from him.

" Now you're going to pay !" Mauler shouted, while lifting a tree from it roots and walked towards him.

Rayne and Gen unleashed their weapons on Von Blut and Kommando.

Gen manged to cut off Von Blut's arm, which brought him down to his knees, until Kommado swiftly ran towards them, using his flash grenades to distract them, which he grabbed Von Blut and ran off to alert the others about them.

Mauler realized what was going on and he was done with fighting Hedrox for the moment.

" Agent Bloodrayne, it is so nice to see you again and remember I told you that I couldn't be beaten that easily." he boasted.

" You know something, Mauler ?" Rayne asked him, " This whole coming back from the dead concept is really getting old."

" We'll see whose going to die this very night." he told her, while slowly approaching Rayne and Gen.

They both went for Mauler's knee, which brought him down, just in time for Hedrox to recover and noticed the same machine that he hadn't seen since 1938.

It was G.Gosler and his newly refurnished " supertank" !

" What the hell that is supposed to be ?" asked Peter.

" Who knows, but I say let's shot the thing down before we get killed." said Kyle, " That must be Jurgen Wulf and the rest of the G.G.G."

They glanced to see the whole G.G.G. team standing a distance away from them.

Mauler, however, grabbed Rayne and Gen, tossing them towards the Ghostbusters, which Gen was caught by Kyle and Rayne was caught by Chad.

" So glad we can meet again, Miss Rayne..." Sigmund said, but his brother, Simon finished the sentence, " ...Still pretty as you were the last time we've seen each other."

" Agent BloodRayne, its been a while since we last saw each other." Wulf said to her, " I have replace my heart with Beliar's heart and soon I will have the powers to rid the world of whatsoever it is today and show Aryan superiority."

" Jurgen, you've just ran out of luck, pal, these here are the West Coast Ghostbusters and they're here to help me put an end of your reign of terror." Rayne told him.

" We'll see about that, Rayne, group attack them !" he ordered.

Rayne and Gen went on to fight Dr. Mengele and Von Blut.

Gen unleashed her sword and came towards Von Blut.

She tried to attack him, but he countered the attack and tripped her up.

Gen let up one swipe, which sliced his other arm off.

" Aggh !" he shouted, " Both my arms are gone !"

" Enough of your whining...time for you to die !" Gen exclaimed, while slicing Von Blot head off.

His head rolled to the ground, but he wasn't dead yet.

Meanwhile, Rayne managed to injure Dr. Mengele by cutting her left leg off at its socket.

She screamed in pain and crawled on the ground as Raybe stepped over her.

" This will hurt a bit." she taunted the Butcheress, as she stabbed her wristblade in the back of her neck and lifted her up in the air.

She screamed in pain as she was lifted into the air until Rayne sliced off her head.

" Peek-a-boo, bitch." Rayne said, noticing that neither Dr. Mengele or Von Blut were dead from getting beheaded.

Jeff and Chad teamed together against Gosler, who was still in the "supertank".

" Aim for the legs." Jeff told him.

They both aimed for the machine's legs and fired a stream at it.

The streams created a blast, which disabled it from standing, but G.Gosler climbed out of the machine and it suddenly exploded.

Hedrox was left fighting Jurgen Wulf, himself.

" Tell me, Hedrox, how do you plan to survive this one?" he mocked Hedrox.

" Hedrox plans to take the heart from you, Wulf, even it costs Hedrox his own life."

" Enough of this foolishness." Wulf desisted.

He started to feel strange and he fell to his knees in pain and agony as he was growing taller and his limbs were longer than before.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Wulf was growing into the Aryan demon, called Beliar !!

" At least, I have the powers of our great leader, Beliar. However, no more of G.G.G. members... I WILL SUCK YOUR SOULS TO EQUAL OUR POWERS TO CRUSH THE ENEMIES THAT STAND BEFORE US !!!"

So he sucked all the G.G.G. members' souls and became larger than before.

Hedrox ran back to where Gen and the ghostbusters were at, but he had a different plan of his own, so he started running towards Wulf.

" What's he doing ?" Rayne asked.

Jeff glanced at his PKE meter and replied, " He's planning on slowing down Wulf's growth so he won't get any larger than before. I have notioned towards the idea of using our stun grenades, which will stun him, but I can't figure out a way to trap him."

" We could cross the streams." Chad mentioned.

" No way, man, too dangerous for us all." Jeff deadpanned.

" What choice do we have left ?" Chad asked him.

" Chad may have a point here, Jeff, if a person picks up a telephone and occasionally thinks itself the doorbell of their house there has to be a slight chance of us surviving." Andy explained.

" I'm up for it, but what are is this thing's weakness ?" Peter asked them.

" Gen and I will handle that part." Rayne replied, " His weakness is his heart."

" What about Hedrox ?" Gen asked.

" He'll be able to stall him for a little we can use the stun grenades on him." Andy replied.

Meanwhile, Hedrox and Wulf were fighting at the moment, so the GBSWC could get the chance to use their newly designed weaponry on this demon.

However, Wulf had sucked Hedrox's into his body, but his heart was slashed by Hedrox's talons after he was sucked in.

" Now's our chance, Rayne." Gen said, as they both jumped into the air and attacked Wulf's heart, which made him weak to attack them.

This gave the Ghostbusters the chance of using their new weapons on him.

" Don't look into the blast or you'll go blind for a short while." Jeff warned them.

They all moved back and waiting for a few seconds for the stun grenades to work.

" Fools, you can't stop me now that I have Beliar's powers." he boasted, until he made the first move towards them.

This made a bright green flash that flashed in front of Wulf, which stunned him for a short while.

" Okay, team, we have a slim chance at this !" Kyle said, " Let's cross the streams and put this puppy to bed."

They charged up their neutrona wands and fired simultaneously. A few seconds passed; everyone felt something weird when they cross their streams at Wulf's heart.

" It's working !" Jeff exclaimed, " It's reversing his physical state."

Wulf was shrinking into Beliar's original shape, which was transforming him back into his heart.

" Jeff, throw the trap." Andy ordered.

Jeff switched off his thrower, plus unstrapped his trap off his back, and sliding it underneath Wulf.

He tapped the foot panel as the trap's doors slowly opened, sucking Wulf into its triangular vortex and slowly closing its doors shut.

The other team members shut off their throwers, which they all slumped over in exhaustion.

" I'm glad that's all over." Andy said, while sitting down for a moment.

" It's over, once and for all. Thank you, God, its all over." Rayne said, quietly.

Gen came over to Kyle, which they both hugged and kissed each other.

" Congratulations to you and your team, Dr. Stevens." she said to him.

" Same to you and Rayne." he told her, which they both hugged each other again.

GB Central West......2 months later.
Kyle checked the mail to see if they had any bill to pay or so.

" Let's see....a few bills that's for Joey to pay. Failed lawsuit from Avril's litterbox. You may have won a million dollars....bullmess and will go into cat's litterbox.. A letter from Rayne , as well." he muttered to himself, " I'll post Rayne's letter on the refrigerator."

"Dear, GBWC team, thank you so much for leading me a hand for defeating the G.G.G. and restoring peace once again. I am currently seek for whatsoever I am looking for in my life, which is to find my real father who is out there or was killed somewhere. I assuming to find him someday. I am currently in Venice, Italy and I'm enjoying the view here.

PS: I would like to wish Dr. Stevens good luck on his relationship with Gen, she is a very wonderful and sweet girl and they are meant for each other. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and try to be safe, yet careful.

I'll see you, darlings, someday.

Best Wishes,

Rayne AKA Agent BloodRayne.

After he posted the letter on the refrigerator, there was a knock on the door. He went to see whose at the door and it was Miss Gen Brown standing in front of him.

So they both went into his bedroom, so they could share a private moment together.

The End

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Based on Ghostbusters Created by Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis

Ghostbusters West Coast Division Created by Andy Harness and Vincent Belmont