It's a Girl!

Dr. and Mrs. Fritz V. Baugh of Los Angeles, California, are proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of their family:

Abigail Pauline Baugh

Abigail was born on the morning of Saturday, September 22, 2007, at 3:03 AM PDT at the UCLA Medical Center. The newborn is 20 inches long and weighs 7 pounds no ounces.

Both her father and her mother, the former Chelsea Aberdeen, are employees of the Los Angeles office of Ghostbusters International; Mrs. Baugh (29) has served as Client Administrator for the Ghostbusters West Coast since their founding in 2003; Dr. Baugh (36) was also a founding member, and became the Chief Executive Officer of the franchise in 2004.

Abigail is Dr. and Mrs. Baugh's first child. They were married on September 3, 2006 in Dr. Baugh's hometown of Indianapolis, IN. Mrs. Baugh was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Abigail's grandparents are Jim and Pauline Aberdeen, and Evan and Mary Baugh. She has one step grandmother, Clara Aberdeen. She has three uncles on her father's side--Al, Curtis, and Clifford--and one half-uncle on her mother's side, Scott Aberdeen. She has one cousin on her father's side, Nichole Baugh.

Congratulations can be sent to Dr. and Mrs. Baugh at the Ghostbusters West Coast headquarters, at 6780 Rosecranz Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 90267

Abigail's Star Sign:

Abigail's Chinese Star Sign:
The Boar

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