Welcome to the official page of the Ghostbusters: West Coast. Founded in 2003, our goal is to protect Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and of course California's beautiful San Fernando Valley from ghosts, ghouls, demons, monsters, werewolves, vampires, bugbears, goblins, jackals in hoodies, and any other supernatural menace you could name.

"These guys are pretty good. Not as good as me, of course, but good"
--Dr. Peter Venkman

So dudes, let your like supernatural problem become our supernatural problem, because we are still,like, Totally Ready To Believe You!

Contact Information
Ghostbusters West Coast Division
6780 W Rosecrans Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90267
(At the corner of Vista Del Mar Highland and Rosecrans Avenues, just north of Manhattan Beach)

Direct Number: KL5-GBWC
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Meet the Staff
Dr. Fritz V. Baugh, CEO

Dr. Kyle Stevens, Field Captain

Mike Devicente

Jeremy Hicks

Jason Knetge

Aidan Munroe

Dr. Jeff Nash

Mick Nielson

Dr. Charlene Zeddemore

Reserve Members

Dr. Joey Williams, Chairman Emiritus

Dr. Andy Harnish, Captain Emiritus

Micheal Chad

Dr. Robert Griffiths

Leon Hogan

Dr. Will Ketcham, GBIndependant

Peter Kong

(Picture Unavailable)
Dr. Zach La Voy

Dr. Jennifer Thompson

Headquarters Staff

Dr. Nathaniel "Otter" Masterson, Chief Engineer

Rose Prevost, Client Administrator

Chelsea Aberdeen Baugh, Client Administrator

Spirit Liaison

Rachel Leavenworth

Financial Backer and Legend of Ghostbusting

Dr. Peter Venkman

In Remembrance

John Lipsyte (1980-2004)

Dr. Ron Daniels, GBNOMAD (1973-2006)

Case Files
So how much did we break on our last job? Find out here!

Five newest Case Files, the most recent on top

Ghostbusters International: The Werewolf of Notre-Dame, Part Three
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
Well, the ad hoc GBI team's found the werewolf. Now the big question is--can they survive long enough to find out why it's terrorizing Notre-Dame?
(First Posted December 21, 2021)

Ghostbusters International: The Werewolf of Notre-Dame, Part Two
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
As Charlene, TJ, and Marie investigate Notre-Dame, Holtzmann inspects the Eiffel Tower. None of them know the werewolf may be closer than they realize.
(First Posted August 10, 2021)

Ghostbusters International: The Werewolf of Notre-Dame, Part One
September 2022--Timeline Year Forty
Paris has been safe from the supernatural for the last thirty-seven years. Until now. GBI sends an eclectic ad hoc team to investigate--is a werewolf just a werewolf, or is there something wrong with the Eiffel Tower?
(First Posted July 6, 2021)

Ghostbusters International: Thirty Five Years Later
June 8, 2019--Timeline Year Thirty-Seven
The present is the transition point between the past and the future; and perhaps this is more true than ever. As Charlene, Jason, Fritz, Chelsea and many other Ghostbusters past and present celebrate GBI's success, two similar looking vehicles--one a rusted wreck, one a state of the art high tech marvel--hint at the futures about to unfold in more than one universe.
(Posted December 17, 2019)

One Froggy Halloween
By Fritz Baugh
October 31, 2014--Timeline Year Thirty-Two
It's Halloween, which is seldom a quiet time for any Ghostbusters franchise, and this year is no exception for the West Coast office. A literature professor with personal ties to one of their own is being stalked by a froglike monster. Can they save him before he croaks?
(First Posted October 31, 2014)

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