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This page will also include the titles of proposed stories that were never submitted, for sake of historical interest

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year 21

The Reunion, Part One
by Peter Kong
June 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
Peter Kong's Dad, former Ghostbuster Jake Kong, comes to visit. But what bad news is he bringing? And why does the ghost committing a stickup look familiar to Peter? And will Tracy the gorilla get to drive ECTO-1S?
(First Posted December 15, 2003)

The Reunion, Part Two
by Peter Kong
June 2003--Timeline Year Twenty One
Peter Kong is trapped by the Ghost Father, and the other Ghostbusters are trying to find him. Has Jack Kong, Peter's brother, really gone over to the "dark side"?
(First Posted December 23, 2003)

The Reunion, Part Three by Peter Kong


Parallel Tooniverse by Peter Kong

Tentative involvement in planned "Demonic Desires" crossover between GBUK and ETGB

Funeral For A Dream by Peter Kong

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year 22
Survivor: Zombie Island by Peter Kong

Legends of Ghostbusters--A Ghostbusters International crossover by Andy Harness

Meteor Shower by Peter Kong


The New Ghostbusters: Tennessee Adventures by Andy Harness and Various

Ghostbusters Omnibus Timeline Year 25

Road Trip by Andy Harness

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